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Stadium LED Lighting

puts you in the game

Capture the audience before the game begins.

Get the crowd going from the parking lot to the arena with Big Shine Energy’s stadium lighting solutions. Crisp, vibrant LED lights spur excitement and capture the audience even before the game begins.

HID vs. LED for Stadium Lighting

High intensity discharge (HID) lighting has proven itself over time to be inefficient. HID lamps require time- time to warm up and continuous maintenance over time. Consequently, lighting color turns pinkish as the bulb dies. Thus, operations managers spend time, energy and money keeping up with something that could easily sustain itself.

LED lighting is virtually maintenance free. LED technology allows for custom-built arrays that deliver light where and how it’s needed. Big Shine LED luminaires keep their white light over the coarse of 50,000 hours. Hence, no warm-up time, just instant on, instant off. Warm-up is for the athletes, not the lights they’re performing under.

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Energy Conservation

By switching your HID lights to LED, you’re cutting your energy costs by up to 75%. Thus, your venue doesn’t need to continue spending money on wasted energy and bulb replacement. Big Shine Energy stadium LED lighting saves money in energy bills and cuts down on overall maintenance. Check out how we’re approaching zero in carbon emissions. Then, become part of the global solution to climate change.

Types of Venues

Your venue doesn’t just host one type of event so your lights need to be flexible. There are professional and collegiate stadiums with baseball, soccer or football fields. Also, air-supported structures, tennis courts, racetracks, and municipal parks and recreation fields. Maybe your venue is a multi-purpose arena hosting hockey and basketball, swimming or gymnastics. Big Shine Energy understands that there isn’t a “one size fits all” layout. We provide a turnkey solution to give you the best possible lighting design for your venue.

Consultation and Free Energy Audit

Additionally, part of our ability to provide you with a customized lighting design is our consultation and free energy audit service. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light.

In conclusion, Big Shine Energy stadium lighting is the all-around champion when it comes to lighting your venue. Solid-state fixtures, sustainability, unparalleled quality partnership. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process.

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