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Things to Keep in Mind During a
Lighting Audit

Our free, no-obligation Lighting audit includes…

What is the purpose of the audit?

Big Shine Energy provides a complimentary lighting audit of your facility. Through the audit, we collect the information needed to create a customized lighting proposal for your facility. Our goal is to maximize lighting efficiency and cut energy costs while meeting industry illumination standards and the specific needs of your business.

How to prepare

You or a staff member should be present to give our energy consultant access to areas that need to be audited.
Collect any maintenance and utility bills from the past 12 months.
Have a digital floor plan (AutoCAD, PDF, or JPG) to provide to our energy consultant.

Your role in the audit process

Upon arriving, our energy consultant will meet with you briefly and scan any documents you have prepared.
Our consultant will discretely collect information. You or a staff member are welcome to accompany the consultant during the audit.
Following the audit, the consultant will discuss the next steps with you before departing.

The following information will be collected during the audit:

Building, floor, and area identification
Information about current fixtures (Quantity, mounts, ballasts, wattages, voltage, lighting controls, etc.)
Measured readings (temperature, foot-candles, light color temperature)
Hours of operation and power consumption per fixture
Photographs and arrangement of existing fixtures and breaker box(es)
Measured dimensions (ceiling types and heights, room/area dimensions, entrance sizes)
Current HVAC configuration

Next Steps: Customized Lighting Proposal

Within 48 hours of the audit, our consultant will contact you to schedule a meeting to present the proposal. The proposal includes:

Proposed fixtures and spec configurations (wattage, beam angle, color temperature, etc.)
Proposed lighting control system (if applicable)
Information about available incentives / rebates
Energy savings evaluation, including annual kWh and financial savings, and estimated ROI calculation

In the meantime, familiarize yourself with our complete turnkey solution.
We look forward to working with you toward a brighter, greener future!

Do you have questions about our audit process?

We would be happy to discuss the process with you directly and
answer any questions you may have. Contact us or give us a call at (845) 444-5255.​