Big Shine Energy, a Renowned Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (MEPC) Firm, is The Top Choice for Solar Solutions.

We are dedicated to delivering high-performance, tailored, and cost-effective solar solutions to our clients. Our expert team oversees every aspect of your solar project’s lifecycle, from design and precise installation to vigilant monitoring and operations and maintenance. Meet the team ready to support your project.

Experienced Project Managers

Our project management team brings a wealth of experience to the table, expertly steering solar and energy storage projects of various scales and intricacies. Leveraging Trimble’s ProjectSight for project management enables us to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. With a deep knowledge of industry best practices and regulations, we are always prepared to provide guidance and find solutions.

Big Shine Energy Solar Engineers

Professional Engineers

At Big Shine Energy, we understand that precision and engineering excellence are crucial for photovoltaic systems, whether they’re installed on the ground, atop carports, or on roofs.

We conduct comprehensive structural feasibility studies to assess weight load capacities, collaborating with racking manufacturers to guarantee the dependability of your system’s construction. For ground-mounted systems, our geotechnical evaluations supply essential data, enabling our partners to devise sturdy and dependable racking solutions.

Our expertise extends to crafting detailed electrical schematics that integrate SCADA systems—Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition—essential for managing larger PV installations, in partnership with industry leaders like Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Our commitment is to construct systems that adhere strictly to the National Electrical Code and building regulations, ensuring every project is built right.

NABCEP Certified Installers

Our solar installers proudly hold accreditation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), a prestigious recognition within the solar industry. This NABCEP certification serves as a clear guarantee of the deep expertise, skillfulness, and extensive experience that our installers bring to the table, ensuring a safe and efficient installation of your solar system.

nabcep certified solar photovoltaic system inspector
nabcep certified solar photovoltaic installation professional

PV Designers

Our team of PV designers tailor solar and ESS solutions that are unique to your requirements.

In the design process, we consider factors such as shading, azimuth, total solar resource fraction, and potential system losses to ensure optimal performance.

We approach the design in stages to provide a clear vision of the project’s potential. Initially, we craft a conceptual design for a broad overview. Following that, we deploy a drone pilot to conduct an aerial survey of the site, which helps us refine our design with precision.

Throughout the process, our designers work hand-in-hand with the project teams, balancing cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and peak energy production to deliver the best possible outcome

Financial Team

Tax Specialist

Financial aspects play a crucial role in any solar project. Our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with tax expertise specializes in helping you navigate the financial intricacies of solar investments. They’ll assist you in leveraging tax incentives and optimizing the financial aspects of your solar project.

REC Specialist

Our REC specialists are here to assist you in effectively monetizing your Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to improve your return on investment. This way, you can maximize the financial benefits of your renewable energy certificates, helping to enhance your overall ROI.