Photometric Design

Our turnkey solution includes photometric design for your commercial, industrial, or outdoor space.

What is Photometric Design?

A photometric design involves the planning and analysis of lighting systems to ensure optimal illumination and visual comfort. This process considers factors such as light distribution, intensity, and color to achieve the desired lighting effects and enhance the visual appeal of a space.

We model and simulate different lighting scenarios, assessing their impact on the visual environment and ensuring compliance with industry lighting standards. Once our team determines the optimal lighting design, we prepare a photometric plan that specifies the number and location of light fixtures, their wattage, and the light distribution patterns.

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What Do Photometric Plans Provide?

This plan serves as a guide for the installation and commissioning of the lighting system, ensuring that it meets the design intent and the specific needs of the space.

  • Optimal lighting distribution: lighting is distributed evenly throughout a space, reducing the likelihood of shadows or dark spots, and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.
  • Improved visual comfort: reducing factors that may cause visual discomfort, making it easier and more comfortable for people to see and work in the space.
  • Energy efficiency: reduced energy consumption and costs by using fewer light fixtures and optimizing the lighting distribution, ensuring that the right amount of light is delivered where it is needed.
  • Compliance with lighting standards: we ensure compliance with industry lighting standards, such as those set by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), which promote optimal lighting quality and energy efficiency, and provide a benchmark for measuring lighting performance.


To learn more about our photometric lighting design, contact Big Shine Energy. All of our lighting projects include a complementary photometric analysis.