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Doing Business With the Federal Government

Big Shine provides a full turnkey LED lighting and HVAC service encompassing product design, facility audit, lighting layout, incentive applications, and installation service. As a subdivision of lighting manufacturer Big Shine LED, Big Shine Energy leverages a 30-year expertise in semiconductor technology to ensure the highest quality, cutting-edge fixtures.

With our turnkey solution, we help the top companies in the United States cross over to more efficient energy means. We are honored to provide the United States Federal Government with this same elite service and efficiency.

Additionally, Big Shine LED is proud to offer a variety of its LED lighting fixtures on the GSA schedule to facilitate access to top-quality products for the government agencies. Serving the Federal Government is our top priority.


Government Capabilities

U.S. General Services Administration

Big Shine LED is qualified to serve as a recommended building supplier of energy-saving lighting equipment. Big Shine LED offers an array of products on the GSA Schedule. Our goal is to reach as many agencies as possible to help them reduce their energy consumption with sustainable LED lighting solutions.


Full lighting engineering,
HVAC and control systems
services including site
surveys, energy audits and
photometric analysis to
ensure that foot-candle
requirements and
site-specific needs are met

Total turnkey solution guides you from planning to installation, including
incentive and rebate support, as well as
post-installation service

More than 50
internationally-certified Big
Shine LED light fixtures in
hundreds of configurations,
including beam angle, color
temperature, mounting
options, integral or remote
controls, and efficacy

The best quality and latest
designs in LED lighting,
including high bays, low bays, linear luminaires, explosion proofs, panels, tubes, high masts, and area lights, including poles


  Direct and continuous oversight of global manufacturing ensuring the highest level of quality and performance, and rapid
insertion of the latest technology

  Multiple plant locations throughout Asia ensuring continuity of supply

  Since the launch of the #ApproachingZero Campaign in 2015, Big Shine has helped clients reduce more than
45 million kWh-equivalent to about $14 billion in energy costs

  Transformed more than 1,000 major commercial and government facilities with brilliant, energy-efficient LED lighting


Big Shine began in 1989 as a technology company in South Korea with a focus on semiconductors and has expanded to every continent in under three decades. After its launch in the United States, Big Shine naturally expanded its capabilities to provide LED lighting to help commercial companies and government agencies cross over to more efficient energy means. With GSA-approved and internationally-certified fixtures, Big Shine is equipped to serve various public and private sector entities on a global scale. Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. (d/b/a Big Shine Energy) provides engineered energy-efficient LED lighting, HVAC and lighting control system solutions through its total turnkey solution service.

GSA Schedule: GS-07F-125GA
DUNS: 07-978-5900
NAICS Codes: 238210, 335122


about our government capabilities.

Government Inquiries

Eduard Rodriguez
Business Development Representative

Corporate Headquarters
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Newburgh, NY 12550

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