Incentives and Rebates

Explore the potential of energy-efficient LED lighting and controls. Our specialized Incentive and Rebate Department will guide you through the application process to secure lucrative LED lighting rebates and incentives.

LED lighting rebates

How can Big Shine Energy Help your ROI?

1. Expert Incentive and Rebate Support

Our Incentive and Rebate experts guide you through a seamless application process, ensuring you maximize returns on your LED lighting and controls investments.

2. Extensive Trade Ally Network for National Coverage

As a registered contractor and trusted trade ally, Big Shine Energy collaborates with more than 50 utilities nationwide. This extensive network allows us to tap into diverse incentive programs, delivering optimal savings.

3. Tailored Solutions for Maximum ROI

Benefit from personalized solutions crafted in collaboration with incentive providers. We optimize your project to secure the highest potential rebates for your LED lighting and controls.

4. Effortless Efficiency, Start to Finish

Our team manages all the paperwork and coordinates with incentive providers, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Focus on your business while we navigate the complexities, making your transition to LED technology seamless.

Partnering for a Sustainable Future

Beyond being a premier LED lighting provider, Big Shine Energy is your ally in achieving sustainability and cost-efficiency. Invest in state-of-the-art LED technology and a hassle-free path to valuable incentives and rebates.

Ready to embrace energy efficiency with LED lighting and controls? Contact Big Shine Energy today to illuminate a brighter, sustainable future for your business.

Trade Ally & Registered Contractor with over 50 Utilities Across the USA