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LED Lighting Solutions

It’s never been easier to adopt energy-efficient LED lighting.

LED lights are highly customizable, virtually maintenance-free, and consume a fraction of the energy that their traditional counterparts do. More than 50 high quality lighting products from Big Shine LED in hundreds of spec configurations give us the flexibility to provide the ideal lighting solution for your facility, regardless of the application.

Turnkey Solution   Lighting Products

Look No Further: Light Poles

Big Shine Energy offers light poles for outdoor LED lighting projects. Options include steel or aluminum, round or square, tapered or straight, and more. Find a wide variety of pole accessories to suit your project needs.

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Energy Efficient

LED lights consume far lower energy than traditional lighting, while producing brighter light, which is better for you and the environment. The team at Big Shine will help you obtain available rebates and incentives for switching to this sustainable light source.

Long Lasting

LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours (5 years) without needing maintenance. So not only will you be saving on energy as a whole, LED lighting will also keep your maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum.


In contrast to compact fluorescent lights, LEDs are 100% recyclable and free of highly-toxic mercury that harms both the environment and human beings. The greenest solution on today’s market!


LED lighting control systems enable highly efficient solutions for any facility. LED manufacturers can also customize the color temperature, beam angle and intensity of individual fixtures with ease.

Commercial LED Lighting

Big Shine LED commercial LED products can easily retrofit or replace existing retail and office spaces. Our LED lighting fixtures are lightweight with clean designs to appeal to any modern space.

Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial lighting has never looked as good as Big Shine LED. Our modern high bay LED fixtures replace old bulky lighting while also cutting expenses up to 75%.

LED Street Lighting

Longer-lasting and brighter street lighting is the way of the future. Street lighting has not advanced in years until now. Big Shine provides high-end LED pole-mounted lighting systems that allow the darkest areas to become brighter and safer.

Outdoor LED Lighting

From parking lot lighting to exterior area lighting, Big Shine LED provides a wide range of LED lighting products to appeal to any lighting need, including canopy lighting, pole-mounted lights, and wall-packs.

Gas Station LED Lighting

Bright gas station lighting provides customers an extra level of security and comfort while at the pump. Traditional gas station lighting is not only gloomy but very costly. Attract more customers to your gas station with bright and attractive lighting at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting.

Stadium LED Lighting

Stadium lighting can be costly in energy consumption and maintenance. Our stadium LED lighting not only fulfills the need for high-output lighting under extreme conditions, but also saves stadiums an enormous amount in overhead costs. Best of all, our LED lights require little to no maintenance.

Come over to the bright side.

Big Shine Energy offers a 100% free lighting audit and lighting layout to help you understand the savings you can experience with our LED lighting. Contact us to arrange your audit today.

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