Welcome to the future of renewable energy with SolarSpotX, the pinnacle of innovation in solar canopies. At Big Shine Energy, we are proud to present SolarSpotX – a bespoke solar solution designed for seamless integration with both Level 2 and DC Fast Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers.


SolarSpotX brings a new level of customization to meet the unique requirements of our discerning clients. Tailored to your specifications, SolarSpotX ensures a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

BSE solar panels in a parking lot

Why SolarSpotX?

  • Advanced Solar Technology: Benefit from cutting-edge solar technology seamlessly integrated into SolarSpotX. Our solution features state-of-the-art solar modules, intelligent energy storage, and smart charging capabilities, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Choosing SolarSpotX means choosing environmental responsibility. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet while enjoying a dependable and sustainable power source.
  • Tailored Precision: Your unique needs are at the forefront of SolarSpotX’s design. Experience a tailored solar solution that meets your specific requirements with precision.

Innovative Flexibility

SolarSpotX by Big Shine Energy offers a groundbreaking sustainable energy solution, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with adaptability. SolarSpotX allows clients the option to easily locate units to meet changing needs and environments. This not only facilitates strategic placement for optimal sun exposure but also accommodates the best location of EV chargers. Designed as a flexible solution for current and future needs, SolarSpotX is specifically tailored to offset the power consumption of EV chargers. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to design the optimal solution, showcasing our commitment to redefining solar flexibility for a sustainable future.