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Free Energy Audit

Step One

Lighting Audit

One of our trained experts will perform a free, comprehensive audit of your facility’s current lighting and HVAC setup.

Lighting / HVAC Proposal

Step Two


Using the data gathered in the audit, we will design a full lighting proposal including photometric visualization and estimated savings calculation.

Lighting / HVAC Project Coordination

Step Three

Project Coordination

If you are satisfied with our proposed lighting solution, Big Shine will coordinate all aspects of your lighting project, from design to installation and beyond.

Our Turnkey Solution will do all the work.

Our unique turnkey solution is designed to take the full burden off your shoulders. We’ll take care of every aspect—from the product design, to navigating through incentive program paperwork, to the installation and beyond. Big Shine Energy works closely with its sister company, LED lighting manufacturer Big Shine LED, to produce top-of-the-line quality LED lighting systems. And you’ll have one point of contact for all of your lighting needs, from product specs to installation after-service.

  • Research and Development
    Quality control is Big Shine's goal when producing each line of products. Proper research of the application where the products will be used is essential before the manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturing
    Big Shine LED’s global manufacturing facilities only deliver state-of-the-art components, which are designed to meet multi-national industry safety standards.
  • Lighting Audit
    A Big Shine Energy lighting consultant provides a complete lighting and HVAC evaluation of your facility and prepares a clear, detailed project proposal, including a photometric analysis to ensure you meet foot-candle requirements.
  • Rebates and Incentives
    Big Shine Energy also assists with rebate and incentive paperwork, filling out necessary applications to ensure you receive any rebates and savings through available public and private incentive programs.
  • Project Coordination
    All phases of the project are coordinated to meet your needs to facilitate a smooth installation with little to no business interruption.
  • Installation
    Big Shine Energy will coordinate equipment rentals and ensure you receive professional service during your installation with electricians that meet OSHA and ISN safety requirements.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Once a Big Shine customer, always a Big Shine customer. After project completion, Big Shine Energy will always provide stellar after-service with the best warranty in the market for our products and installation.
  • Learn More About Our Turnkey Solution
    Our unique turnkey solution is designed to take the burden of your lighting project off your shoulders. Learn more about what our turnkey solution can do for your company.

What our customers are saying

I really trusted the team at Big Shine Energy. They didn’t just try to sell me lights. They were the only ones who listened to my concerns. I needed to save energy, but I couldn’t sacrifice quality lighting. I had specific requirements and after a year of looking for the right company, I finally got my facility the lighting it deserves. My Energy Consultant explained the technology and really helped me understand that the ROI was worth the upfront cost of these fixtures.

Rob Bakos

Ice House

Why we decided to go with Big Shine over the others was the fact that it was all turnkey. It was very, very important to us that this installation go as we needed it done. We did not want to shut down,
they worked around [our schedule]. And I don’t think anyone else would have been willing to do that.

Gene Cluster

Kloeckner Metals

Our Big Shine representative did a great job of describing the benefits. I was thinking of the project in terms of saving energy and money, I really didn’t comprehend how much better the lights would be.
We were pretty impressed with how quickly it went.

Dan Kurtz

County Waste Management

I would highly recommend Big Shine. They worked with Eversource to rebate up to 40% of the cost. Big Shine took care of all the paperwork to get that rebate done. They were great to work with. It was probably the best thing to do.

Jackie Apgar


kWh Saved

  • 21%

2018 GOAL: 125,000,000

Tons of CO2 Removed

  • 21%

2018 GOAL: 93,027

Cars Removed from the Road

  • 21%

2018 GOAL: 19,920

Acres of U.S. Forests Planted

  • 21%

2018 GOAL: 109,573

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