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Our commitment to sustainability

As part of your partnership with Big Shine Energy, we are committed to optimizing your sustainability initiatives. We will collaborate with your marketing department to generate comprehensive energy reports and implement effective digital marketing strategies, enabling your stakeholders to fully comprehend the positive impact of your project.

Our dedicated marketing team, composed of skilled designers, talented writers, and expert developers, and videographers is committed to ensuring your energy-efficient projects shine brightly in the marketplace. 

Real Time Data Displayed on your website

Energy Produced

Produced 52.3 MWh in the last month.

2.7 MWh (Today)

CO2 Avoided

Produced 24.9 tons of CO2 avoided in the last month.

1.3 tons of CO2 avoided (Today)

Homes Energized

Produced 2.9 homes' energy used for one year in the last month.

0.1 homes' energy use for one year (Today)

Trees Planted

Produced 27 acres of U.S. forests in the last month.

1.4 acres of U.S. forests (Today)

Waste Recycled

Produced 7.8 tons of waste instead of using a landfill in the last month.

0.4 tons of waste instead of using a landfill (Today)

dynamic and impactful charts

tons of CO2 avoided
homes' energy use for one year
acres of U.S. forests
tons of waste instead of using a landfill

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