Daniel Lee

President and CEO

“Without putting in any effort, it is impossible to see the fruits of the harvest.”

Daniel Lee’s background in electronics and semiconductor technology began while working in various technology companies in the early 1980’s in South Korea, including Philips Electronics. After successfully helping various companies reach multi-million-dollar sales, he founded Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. in 1989.
Since then, Big Shine has been supplying companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai with electronic components for cellular phones, televisions and other devices. Today, Big Shine Korea continues to work with these top companies.
As new sustainable technology is heavily reliant on semiconductors, Lee naturally moved into the solar photovoltaic systems and LED lighting industries. And as the world began to recognize the benefits of reduced energy consumption, so did Lee’s passion for these revolutionary technologies. As a result, he formed Big Shine LED in the United States to begin producing LED luminaires and Big Shine Energy to provide direct consultation services to companies for HVAC, LED lighting and solar photovoltaic systems, among other energy-efficiency technologies.
Lee’s goal is to provide the top companies around the world with solutions to energy efficiency so that, together, we can reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the health of our planet for future generations.
Lee graduated from Hongik University with a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. He also holds multiple certifications in the areas of electronics, lighting and solar design.

August Kruesi

Chief Technology Officer

As Big Shine LED’s CTO, Kruesi ensures Big Shine is using the latest and best technology in LED lighting. Lighting is not new to Kruesi, great grandson of John Kruesi—the head machinist for Thomas Edison, who worked on some of Edison’s most important inventions, including the incandescent light bulb and electric lighting. August Kruesi has led an engineering career across multiple industries, including aviation, aerospace, biomedical components, and industrial safety.
Kruesi is dedicated to life-long learning. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University, earned “Black Belt” Certification in Design for Six Sigma and is a LEED Green Associate. He also earned an MS in Integrative Health Science and studied with leaders in anti-aging medicine and functional medicine. His career includes 17 years in Aerospace in which he was honored to become a Technical Fellow. He served as Business Unit focal for Additive Manufacturing, Subject Matter Expert in Advanced Composite Materials, and Chief Engineer. He was a pioneer in Sustainability, developing and installing advanced, grid-connected wind turbines and working with solar hot water systems in the 1980’s.
Our CTO works with our global engineering and manufacturing teams, leading Big Shine’s research and development for new product development. He also supports our turnkey services with global standards harmonization, power quality assessments, technical training, and research on light and health.

Eduard Rodriguez

Executive Director

Big Shine Energy’s Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez has led his team to help some of the top companies in the nation make the switch to LED technology. As a hands-on executive, Rodriguez leads by example, getting involved in every aspect of the operations at Big Shine Energy to guarantee we are delivering top quality products and excellent service. He leads our energy auditors and energy efficiency consultants in auditing as well as every aspect of Big Shine’s full turnkey solution business model. He is an expert in photometric modeling and has applied his skills to include solar photovoltaic siting, modeling, financing and installation.
In serving Big Shine’s diverse and growing customer base, Rodriguez has traveled across almost every continent across the globe. In addition to onsite supervising of lighting, solar and energy audits and installations, Rodriguez is a regular presenter at Sustainability Events and has produced many educational videos and webinars to promote government and corporate operations savings through our state-of-the-art energy solutions.
Serving, sharing and communicating are the cornerstones of Rodriguez’s approach to making Sustainability a goal that benefits everyone. His mission is to ensure that Big Shine fulfills President Lee’s vision to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner global environment.