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Industrial LED Lighting

Safe and sustainable with LED technology

Effects of Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is a headache. Can you feel the orange light of HID lamps straining your eyes? Do you hear the buzzing of a dying metal halide irritating your employees? The flickering of the fluorescent tubes throughout your warehouse and all of the above are creating an uncomfortable workplace and it’s causing you and your staff an unnecessary lack of productivity.

In addition, modern society spends more time indoors and your employees are no exception. Thus, the constant exposure to unnatural light has gradual yet long-term effects on their health. Since LED lighting provides more natural light, the brain perceives it as sunlight. As a result, healthy effects in the body occur.

LED lighting guarantees energy savings

The safety and health of your employees is important to you. Consequently, by switching to LED lighting, you can help reduce your facility’s carbon footprint and provide a healthier future for your employees and their families. Significantly lowering your facility’s energy consumption while saving your company thousands of dollars each month. Big Shine LED’s consultants will also work to find out your options for incentive or rebate programs for even more savings.

Annual kWh Consumed

  • Standard Fixture – 458
  • LED Fixture – 100

Annual Cost

  • Standard Fixture – $576
  • LED Fixture – $144

Sustainable Solid-State Lighting

Sustainable solid state LED lighting is here with customizable LED arrangements from the Big Shine LED line of industrial fixtures. Our light weight products give off flicker free light to ease eye strain, combat fatigue and enhance performance. While shining bright for 50,000 hours our industrial lighting is virtually maintenance-free. We use top of the line LED chips and other high end components. Big Shine LED products are certified for the demands of any industrial facility. Whether it’s a warehouse, a factory floor, a loading dock, considerate lighting is crucial for an efficient and safe industrial facility.

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Consultation and Free Energy Audit

A lighting consultant will provide you with a customized lighting design through our consultation and free energy audit services. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process. Maybe you’re not sure what the best lighting solution is for your facility, but we’re here to help and if you’re ready to switch to the bright side, let’s get started.

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