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Commercial LED Lighting

Always working, just like you

Today’s LED lighting replaces traditional HID and fluorescent lighting

Commercial lighting needs to pop. And traditional lighting doesn’t stand up to the beauty and boldness of Big Shine’s LED technology. HID and florescent fixtures lose their light quality over time, causing you more maintenance expenses and giving your customers a reason to shop elsewhere. Commercial LED lighting from Big Shine Energy is virtually maintenance free. Whether you’re looking to enhance the vibrant colors of your supermarket aisles, highlight displays at your retail stores, or simply brighten up your office headquarters—Big Shine’s line of LED lighting for commercial applications can give your space the perfect balance of brightness and clarity.

Attract customers with bright and clear lighting

Customers are attracted to places that are bright and clean. We want your customers to remember the feeling of freshness at your store and keep then coming back, rather than driving to the competitor out of convenience. Achieve this through our expertise in LED lighting technology. Big Shine Energy offers versatile down lights in a range of sizes, colors and shapes. Our beautifully designed, modern fixtures uniformly light up any commercial space. Big Shine LED panels are sleek, modern and use the latest LED technology. We offer 50,000 hours of incredible lighting with various color temperatures and power options.

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LED lighting benefits go beyond aesthetics

The benefits of LED lighting aren’t only cosmetic. Since commercial lighting accounts for a large portion of CO2 emissions, we want to help you turn your carbon footprint into a pinpoint. Thus, Big Shine Energy lighting promotes sustainability and reduces energy costs. Especially relevant and one of the more important aspects of LED lighting is the appeal of energy savings. By switching to commercial LED lighting, you can save your business up to 75% in energy costs. All of these components combine to produce comfortable, high-contrast and color-accurate light that’s always working. We’ll work with you to give your commercial space the spotlight it deserves.

Also, our lighting consultants will work to find incentive or rebates available to you in your area for extra savings.


Consultation and Free Energy Audit

Whether you’re ready to start your project or just considering the benefits of LED lighting, we want to help you get the full perspective. Therefore, part of our ability to provide you with a customized lighting design comes from our consultation and free energy audit service. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process.

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