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Light Poles

At Big Shine Energy, we place the highest value on customer satisfaction and quality service. In an effort to provide a complete turnkey solution that encompasses all aspects of each lighting project, Big Shine Energy now offers light poles to complete any street or outdoor lighting application.

Choose from a variety of styles and finish options, including accessories and decorative bases to suit any architectural style. Light pole customization is also available.

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Aluminum Light Poles

LED’s partner in the green movement

By switching to LED, you are participating in the environmental campaign of reducing energy consumption. Not only your light fixtures can be environmentally friendly—the poles used in your lighting project would also make a difference.

Aluminum light poles are 100% recyclable. Using recycled aluminum instead of raw materials reduces air pollution by 95% and water consumption by 97%.

In addition to lessening the strain on the environment, Big Shine LED’s aluminum light poles are a long-lasting counterpart for the low-maintenance aluminum-body LED fixtures. Aluminum light poles are durable, resisting corrosion and warping under the tests of time, temperature, and humidity. This results in a long life span and low maintenance needs when compared with alternative materials such as steel.

Aluminum light poles have been in use in the industry for more than 60 years, and many of the original installations are still in place without any structural problems or noticeable differences in appearance.

Unparalleled Turnkey Service

With the addition of light poles, Big Shine Energy is fully equipped to take care of your lighting project from beginning to end. Learn what our turnkey solution can do for your business, or schedule a free energy audit to preview a greener future.

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