Accurate Metal Finishing – MA

A Smart Investment As their company name shows, accuracy is key in the production quality at Accurate Metal Finishing. For over 50 years, the company has been perfecting its craft. Today, they offer custom solutions to even the most challenging product goals. They provide the highest quality and most advanced electropolishing, passivating, anodizing, hardcoating, and chromating services for machine metal parts. Now that takes accuracy. Randy Croce, Accurate Metal Finishing’s new owner and his CEO Tracey Christello were interested in making improvements to the facility. Making the right investment was critical. Lighting plays a key role in many aspects of a workplace. It can affect the health, mood and safety of its workers- it can also affect the budget. Making the switch to LED is a smart investment for any decision maker who is looking to improve their facility’s overall productivity. Inside Accurate Metal Finishing’s 12,000 sq ft building were 400 watt metal halide fixtures. The buzzing sound of ballasts was constant and the light output was poor. After learning about Big Shine Energy’s lighting projects at Wrobel Engineering and Weiss Sheet Inc., Mr. Croce and Mr. Christello knew where to begin making those important investments on improvement. The Right Tools for the Job Our Big Shine Energy Consultant proposed changing the 400w metal halide fixtures to 100w LED high bays. In Massachusetts, National Grid offers a generous rebate incentive for companies and institutions that use DLC Premium certified fixtures in their lighting conversion projects. Our Big Shine LED Hubble Flood

Kawasaki Rail Car – NY

Over 100 Years of Enrichment Kawasaki is famously known in the United States for their fast motorcycles and their amazing competitive Motocross racing team, Team Green. Motorcycles aren’t their only area of expertise. Established in 1896, they have 120 years of innovation, achievement and progress in their portfolio. Specifically, Kawasaki Rail Car has manufactured rail stock for over 100 years, leaving their mark on history. Committed to delivering rolling stock that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, Kawasaki Rail Car has become vital to Transit Agencies and people’s daily lives. Although Kawasaki is a powerhouse of diversity when it comes to industry, they remain committed to their goal of enriching the lives of people around the world. Continuing A Commitment to Efficiency In need of a lighting upgrade at their New York facility, Production Engineering Manager, Nehru Satahoo was able to help facilitate a major change. Using a variety of fixtures like metal halides, high-pressure sodium and 6-lamp T5’s, the facility was operating under a colorful spill of dim and potentially unsafe light. Instead of continuing their use of traditional lighting, Satahoo brought in a Big Shine Energy consultant to assist with the complete redesign of their interior lighting scheme using LED technology. Our consultant suggested standardizing the fixtures based on ceiling height and using a wide beam angle to get rid of shadowing. The existing fixtures were using up to about 450w each. Our Probe Ultra would reduce the wattage to a consistent 130w. Not only would the new fixtures bring a bright,

BEPeterson – MA

Leading An Industry Setting the standard for custom metal fabrications of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment since 1935, BEPeterson specializes in pressure vessel fabrication and design. Their facility is one of the largest in the Northeast. Both a high volume contract manufacturer and custom metal fabricator, BEPeterson supplies consistent high quality products to their customers. Big Shine Energy was excited to partner with such a strong industry leader in metal fabrication. Staying Up To Date At their 90,000 sq ft facility in Avon, Massachusetts, they were utilizing mostly fluorescent lighting. In some areas hung high bays that were too high to give off proper light. Our Big Shine Energy consultant was ready to provide a practical lighting solution through our photometric analysis. In some areas, high bays were hung at 40 feet, which made them difficult to access for maintenance. We proposed our Satellite HD high bay in 300W and Oriya linear high bay in 150W. This would provide an even scale of light, brightening work areas and encouraging productivity. Making the Most of It Every single light in their facility was upgraded to LED. Including the exterior wall packs, parking lot lights and almost 1700 fluorescent tubes. Aware of the exceptional incentive program in their area, BEPeterson wanted to get the most funding available for their project. National Grid approved rebates for 40% of their lighting upgrade! With 312 fixtures being retrofitted, the incentive offer was worth the legwork. Our energy consultant took care of communication, gathering and filing necessary information

Brakewell Steel – NY

As one of the leading sheet and plate metal fabricators in the Northeast region, Brakewell Steel Fabricators specializes in nearly everything made of metal. Their specialty includes but is not limited to superior capabilities including shearing, CNC Punching, CNC plasma burning, custom brake forming, welding and several others. Some of their most well-known projects include repairs at the George Washington Bridge, perimeter enclosures at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center and stair well treads within the Statue of Liberty in New York City. With such a magnitude of production, illumination levels must be sufficient. Brakewell has been in Chester, NY now almost 40 years, it’s possible to imagine how beneficial reliable lighting could be for such grand scale work. A total of thirty three metal halides were replaced using Big Shine LED’s high bay fixtures. The new lights installed by Big Shine Energy more than tripled the foot candles and now provide a bright and safer environment for their staff. Before After  

ABBA Metal Works, Inc. – NJ

Based out of Paterson, NJ, ABBA Metals specializes in welding and metal fabrication. In specialties such as metal work, which require lengthy hours of concentration, proper lighting is essential. Quality light makes a difference in the level of productivity and overall performance, LED technology provides the proper illumination to get the job done day in and day out.  Big Shine Energy replaced visibly outdated high bay fixtures with 90W and 130W LED Probe fixtures. The difference – a safer, illuminated space at a significantly lower cost. See the quality results for yourself below.

Garafano Tank Service – NJ

Mr. Garafano, who is at the forefront of this family operated business was determined to replace the old lighting with more energy efficient fixtures. The aim was a clean and consistent light that reduced energy and maintenance. The difference was almost night and day. The Big Shine LED Satellite HD has a superb efficiency of 120 lumens per watt, changing a yellow room into a healthy illuminated environment. With safer lighting, production can easily increase and allow an even more secure working environment. Before After

Innovative Plastics Corporation – NY

Innovative Plastics Corporation, a company long trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious brands in various industries such as Duracell, Sony and Gillette. Known for their “green” efforts, they chose Big Shine Energy to take the next step in sustainability. These efforts include highly efficient air compressors, solar panels and a closed loop cooling water system. Their next step, LED Lighting. By changing their old fluorescent tubes and several other non-efficient lighting fixtures to Big Shine LED tubes, they are now eliminating the usage of over 338,000 kW/h a year- that’s a savings of $261,213.00 over the next ten years. With the new LED lighting, not only are they further reducing their carbon footprint but creating a brighter and more productive work space for continuous innovations.

Pacific Packaging – MA

Pacific Packaging has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lighting from Big Shine Energy. Using the 100W Alioth, 120W Sidekick and 22W T8 4' LED tubes from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 111,247 kW/h per year. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $87,910 over a 5-year period. Pacific Packaging is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 111,247 kw/h SAVED 86 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 16 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 74 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED Bruce Anderson, CFO of Pacific Packaging, poses with the green certificate presented by Big Shine Energy in recognition of joining the green movement by switching to LED lighting.

Boston Bluestone – MA

Boston Bluestone has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lights from Big Shine Energy. Implementing the 120W Apus Ultra high bay and LED panels from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 16,286 kW/h. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $14,714 over a 5-year period. Boston Bluestone is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 16,286 kW/h SAVED 12.5 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 2 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 2 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED Before After

ENECON Corporation – NY

World Class Service for World Leaders in Technology The professionals at ENECON Corporation are world leaders in advanced polymer composites technology. They are engineers of high performance polymer systems for rebuilding, resurfacing and protecting all types of fluid flow machinery, equipment and structures. Having worked closely in the past with the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Navy, their caliber of work is reflected in their clientele. However, even the most established of corporations run into lighting issues. The senior management of ENECON Corporation has over 125 years of combined experience in troubleshooting industrial fluid flow problems. Thankfully, Big Shine Energy has close to the same experience in retrofit lighting design and energy conservation. We were prepared to provide them with the lighting solutions they needed. Finding the Solution Not unlike many high-volume operations, ENECON's warehouse had a constant problem with flickering and failing lights. Of course, forcing them to constantly replace their lights, only to have another few fixtures begin the dying process. Our Big Shine Energy Consultants proposed the Oriya 150w, a linear high bay. Equally important at the ENECON facility was the lighting in their kitchen and family area. With a team of dedicated professionals, work can become a home away from home. Lighting is key for productivity. Wanting to maintain a warm and comfortable level of lighting in their common space, our consultants proposed our 4,000 k(kelvin) panels and down lights. Becoming the Solution to Our World's Biggest Problem After a smooth installation, President &