BEPeterson – MA

Leading An Industry Setting the standard for custom metal fabrications of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment since 1935, BEPeterson specializes in pressure vessel fabrication and design. Their facility is one of the largest in the Northeast. Both a high volume contract manufacturer and custom metal fabricator, BEPeterson supplies consistent high quality products to their customers. Big Shine Energy was excited to partner with such a strong industry leader in metal fabrication. Staying Up To Date At their 90,000 sq ft facility in Avon, Massachusetts, they were utilizing mostly fluorescent lighting. In some areas hung high bays that were too high to give off proper light. Our Big Shine Energy consultant was ready to provide a practical lighting solution through our photometric analysis. In some areas, high bays were hung at 40 feet, which made them difficult to access for maintenance. We proposed our Satellite HD high bay in 300W and Oriya linear high bay in 150W. This would provide an even scale of light, brightening work areas and encouraging productivity. Making the Most of It Every single light in their facility was upgraded to LED. Including the exterior wall packs, parking lot lights and almost 1700 fluorescent tubes. Aware of the exceptional incentive program in their area, BEPeterson wanted to get the most funding available for their project. National Grid approved rebates for 40% of their lighting upgrade! With 312 fixtures being retrofitted, the incentive offer was worth the legwork. Our energy consultant took care of communication, gathering and filing necessary information

Shepard’s Inc. – CT

Shepard’s Inc. is a single source logistics and warehousing operation in the heart of Bethel, Connecticut. They are an all-inclusive moving service and serve as a fulfillment center for a variety of products. After celebrating more than 110 years of service, it was time to save with more efficient lighting. Shepard’s Inc. handles bulk storage and e-commerce services, running operations for more than 2,700 hours a year. By moving on to LED tubes, they are now saving over 20,000 kWh per year for just one section of the building, and looking at longer lasting light for several years to come.

Wrobel Engineering – MA

Wrobel Engineering is Promoting Positivity The offices at Wrobel Engineering housed fluorescent fixtures that gave off a dim, yellow light. Fluorescents used to be known for their energy efficiency. They’re now proving to have high maintenance costs. They also produce a constant flicker that can be invisible to the naked eye and highly disruptive to brainwaves. LED lighting in offices is important for productivity. With the right color temperature and brightness, the brain registers LED light as daylight. That’s why Edward Wrobel, the owner of Wrobel Engineering was already looking into making the switch from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED. He was aware of the health benefits as well as the energy-saving benefits of LED. Being a family-owned business, Wrobel Engineering considers the health and well-being of its employees. LED lighting from Big Shine Energy could provide Wrobel Engineering employees with a brighter, more positive working atmosphere. BEFORE SHOT: Bringing Bright Lighting Indoors While Mr. Wrobel was in the process of finding the right company for the upgrade, a competitor proposed simply switching the current fluorescent tubes to LED. When doing a simple one-for-one replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, there may be pre-existing faults in the fixture, sometimes due to its age. The ballast in the fixture can push too much power into the LED tubes causing them to burn out. Eventually, the cost of maintenance would exceed the upfront cost of a full upgrade. With this insight, our Big Shine Energy Consultant proposed our 2×4 and 2×2 LED Panels.

Team EJP – MA

Team EJP has replaced their inefficient lighting with all new LED lighting from Big Shine Energy. Using the 50W LED Panel and 80W Satellite HD from Big Shine LED, their facility is now saving 318,735 kW/h per year. Through this lighting upgrade, they are now saving $391,982 over a 5-year period. Team EJP is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy and is one step closer to approaching zero. Environmental Impact 318,735 kW/h SAVED 245 TONS OF CO2 EMISSIONS REMOVED 44 CARS REMOVED FROM THE ROAD 48 ACRES OF U.S. FORESTS PLANTED Before After

Select Stone – MA

Select Stone is known for over 20 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of unique granite, marble and other stone goods imported from Brazil. Select Stone Marble and Granite worked together with Big Shine Energy to find a simple but efficient alternative to brighten up their shop. With Big Shine LED lighting fixtures, they were able to considerably lower wattage use without forfeiting light output. The Big Shine LED Satellite HD, with 120 lumens per watt will last over 40,000 hours, reducing even their spending on maintenance costs. Small changes can make all the difference, LED lighting makes the transition easier. Before After

Peerless Precision, Inc. – MA

Saving on Energy Costs A mother and daughter duo are operating the family business together. President Kristen Maier-Carlson is taking strides to improve the working environment for their tight-knit professional family. Peerless Precision, Inc. (PPI) specializes in the manufacture of precision-machined parts for the aerospace, defense, and medical device industries. Their work is difficult under improper lighting and their machinery consumes high levels of energy. With a way to save energy and improve the working environment, our Big Shine Energy consultant provided a valuable solution. Brightening the Environment At the PPI facility were T12, yellow-hued, flickering fluorescent tubes. The space was too dark to work with the efficiency the employees were capable of. Ms. Maier-Carlson wanted to improve the lighting for the well-being of her skilled employees. Our consultant proposed removing the wrap-around fluorescent fixtures and replacing them with LED Panels. These panels have a slim surface that allows for easy and stream-lined installation. In the Machine Shop, we installed 4ft T8 LED tubes and 2×4 LED panels. Our 2×4 panels also light the offices. Compare these before and after shots:     “There’s no more flickering! … We are in love with our new lighting.” Ms. Maier-Carlson was pleased with the clean, brilliant results of the LED lighting. Their annual savings is $8,357.29. To help fund the lighting upgrade, our consultant was able to procure $6,300 for rebate incentives by working together with WG&E. Take a look at how PPI is also helping the environment. Their decision to switch to

Paul’s Marble Depot – CT

Featured on Houzz, Paul’s Marble Depot based out of Stamford, CT, specializes in stone, tile and counter tops. With quality and sustainability in mind, Paul’s Marble looked to Big Shine Energy to illuminate their warehouse. By replacing 10 metal halide which consumed a total of 4,580W, they’ve reduced the electrical use of those lights to 1,100W by changing them to Big Shine Energy LED Probe high bays, leaving their footprint in reducing carbon emissions. Before After

Brakewell Steel – NY

As one of the leading sheet and plate metal fabricators in the Northeast region, Brakewell Steel Fabricators specializes in nearly everything made of metal. Their specialty includes but is not limited to superior capabilities including shearing, CNC Punching, CNC plasma burning, custom brake forming, welding and several others. Some of their most well-known projects include repairs at the George Washington Bridge, perimeter enclosures at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center and stair well treads within the Statue of Liberty in New York City. With such a magnitude of production, illumination levels must be sufficient. Brakewell has been in Chester, NY now almost 40 years, it’s possible to imagine how beneficial reliable lighting could be for such grand scale work. A total of thirty three metal halides were replaced using Big Shine LED’s high bay fixtures. The new lights installed by Big Shine Energy more than tripled the foot candles and now provide a bright and safer environment for their staff. Before After