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Outdoor LED Lighting

Light up the great outdoors

Achieve daytime clarity at night

Outdoor lighting should call attention to the beautiful façade of your building or bring daytime clarity at night to your building’s open spaces. Outdoor LED lighting from Big Shine Energy has the benefits of great outdoor lighting without the high energy costs. With luminaires from Big Shine LED’s Outdoor Lighting Series you’re getting the best of both worlds.

LED technology for lasting outdoor lighting

Our fixtures carry the latest technology in heat sinks to keep LEDs burning bright for 50,000 hours with virtually no maintenance. Using high end drivers for unmatched energy efficiency and top of the line LED chips for supreme lumen output. These specially engineered fixtures for canopies, walls, ceilings or poles shine ultra-bright light where it’s needed. Also, our billboard LED fixtures allow you to display your brand and its integrity with dual confidence.

Cutting-edge curb appeal with LED outdoor lighting

Business doesn’t stop just because the business day does. Your building can add value to its surroundings while helping the environment. With the Big Shine LED Lighting Series, you can turn your current traditional lighting into cutting-edge curb appeal. In addition to adding beauty and value to your business’ community, you’ll be contributing to its efforts in decreasing energy consumption. When it comes to daily operations, business owners have a responsibility to make environmentally conscious decisions. We know that you want to do what’s right.

Consultation and Free Energy Audit

We want to help you find the perfect lighting design that suits your budget. We’ll work together with you from start to finish. We’ll also work to find incentive and rebate programs available to your business for extra savings. Part of our ability to provide you with a customized lighting design is our consultation and free energy audit services. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light. Additionally, Big Shine Energy provides a turnkey solution to give you the best possible lighting design for your building’s needs. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process.

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