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Our Turnkey Solution

Big Shine Energy’s turnkey service means you don’t have to deal with multiple companies for your lighting project. From designing the lighting layout to matching product specs to your facility’s specific needs, to communicating with incentive programs, to the installation process, Big Shine Energy will coordinate every aspect of your lighting project.

Research and Development

Big Shine Energy works closely with its sister company, LED lighting manufacturer Big Shine LED, to produce top-of-the-line quality LED lighting systems. Quality control is Big Shine LED’s goal when producing each line of products. Proper research of the application where the products will be used is essential before the manufacturing process.

As LED technology is constantly evolving and approaching new limits for efficiency and brightness, Big Shine’s research and development department stops at nothing to ensure that Big Shine’s products are the top-performing on the market.

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State of the art components that are designed to meet all United States qualifications are produced within Big Shine’s global manufacturing centers.

Big Shine products also meet international certifications, providing you with a solution for your international facilities. For specific inquiries about our product certifications, please contact us.

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Lighting Audit

A Big Shine energy consultant provides a complete lighting and HVAC evaluation at your facility. The audit includes an inventory of all existing fixtures and specs you’d like to replace, foot-candle readings, color temperature analysis, and detailed measurements. The audit allows us to gather all information needed to maximize lighting efficiency while meeting industry illumination standards for your industry.

After the audit, the consultant prepares a detailed project report including a complimentary 3D lighting layout and proposed product specs, projected energy savings and ROI calculation.

This step of the process is completely free of charge. We want to show you the potential of switching to LED lighting and let you decide based on the results. Learn more about our free lighting audit.

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Rebates and Incentives

To promote energy efficiency, many utility companies and even government agencies are awarding incentives or rebates for making the switch to LED lighting and energy-efficient HVAC equipment. However, the application process could be long and tedious, involving strict deadlines and criteria. A small error in the paperwork can result in disqualification.

Due to its unique position, Big Shine Energy not only has the ability to select product that will qualify for the incentives in your local region, but we will also act as the liaison between you and the incentive companies. We will fill out all the necessary paperwork and communicate with them on your behalf, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your lighting upgrade.

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Project Coordination

A specialized team at Big Shine Energy will coordinate all phases of your lighting project ensuring we meet your needs. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth installation with little to no business interruption. We will not only work to fit a schedule that is convenient for you, but we will coordinate safe and fast shipping, equipment rental, and any other unforeseeable situations that may arise during installation.

With ISN and OSHA safety certifications, Big Shine will also work with you to ensure our installation team meets your facility’s safety requirements. Our goal is to give you peace of mind throughout the duration of your LED lighting project.

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Having installed LED lights in more than 300 major facilities, Big Shine Energy’s installation team is unparalleled in experience and efficiency. We pride ourselves in completing the job as quickly as possible without cutting any corners to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Every one of the other competitors were estimating three weeks, because they were doing a retrofit. […] It took two and a half days for Big Shine to actually do the installation. That was unbelievable!”

—Frank Mariano, Managing Director of the Danbury Sports Dome

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Customer Satisfaction

Once a Big Shine customer, always a Big Shine customer. After the installation, Big Shine Energy will still be here for you and ensure customer satisfaction by providing timely maintenance and support. Our installation service comes with a one-year warranty and our LED products have a five-year warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll get one of our LED lighting specialists out to your facility at no additional cost to you.

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Experience our premium service.

Big Shine Energy’s turnkey solution makes it a breeze to upgrade to energy-efficient LED. Best of all, the initial audit and photometric lighting layout are 100% free of charge and free of commitment. Go ahead, give us a spin.

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