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Gas Station LED Lighting

Security and comfort at the pump

Affordable and sustainable gas station lighting from Big Shine Energy

Bright gas station lighting provides your customers with an extra level of security and comfort while at the pump. Bathe spaces under gas station canopies, around perimeters and through walkways with quality illumination from Big Shine Energy LED products. Bring the brightness of the exterior into your convenience store to provide a seamless experience that encourages safety and activity while saving you on energy costs.

Modernize your brand by upgrading your gas station lighting

Big Shine LED luminaires modernize any brand and create an inviting atmosphere that literally outshines the competition. Since your operation can be open 24 hours a day, we can customize your fixtures to meet your operation standards. Each component of our fixtures is manufactured with the latest in LED lighting technology. Big Shine LED guarantees brilliant color rendering and vibrancy. LED luminaries surpass traditional lighting in lumens per watt and are virtually maintenance-free. Our uniquely designed heat sinks release more heat to maintain lower temperatures while keeping the LED running for years to come.

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Energy efficiency saves you money

We know there are strict demands for your site. Having to provide safety through sufficient lighting while also considering your site’s energy consumption. Upgrading with Big Shine LED fixtures easily translates into energy and cost savings and increased revenue. Our consultants can help you learn how you can turn your costly energy consumption into a money-saving opportunity by converting to customized LED fixtures.

Consultation and Free Energy Audit

We want to help you find the perfect lighting design that suits your budget. We’ll work together with you from start to finish. We’ll also work to find incentive and rebate programs available to your business for extra savings. Part of our ability to provide you with a customized lighting design is our consultation and free energy audit services. Our lighting consultants work hands-on to bring your vision to light. Additionally, Big Shine Energy provides a turnkey solution to give you the best possible lighting design for your building’s needs. Find out more about our simple yet thorough process.

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