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Top 3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Switch to LED

The light emitting diode (LED) is an amazing technology for lighting. It’s efficacy – the amount of light produced for each watt of power – is constantly reaching new heights. LED lighting is now available in an array of fixtures for almost every conceivable lighting need.

The Need for Approaching Zero Carbon Emissions Worldwide

In 2010, Bill Gates gave a TED Talk about the importance of developing technology that would eliminate carbon emissions. He opened with the strong observation. While his work at the Gates Foundation focuses on finding ways to maintain a balanced, healthy society for the poorest 2% of the world, these are the same places that will be harmed the most by the negative effects of global warming due to CO2.

Big Shine Energy Blog - Changing the Way We Think About Climate Change

Changing the Way We Think About Climate Change

In recent years, the news has become filled with more natural disasters than ever before. On a global scale, we’ve witnessed more flooding, colder winters, hotter summers and deadlier storms. Scientists say these phenomena are the result of climate change. But unless climate change is directly affecting us, it’s easy to view it as only a distant problem that doesn’t concern us.

Big Shine Energy Blog - Is Planting Trees Enough?

Is Planting Trees Enough?

As the industrial world continues to increase, one of nature’s greatest gifts to us continues to decrease: trees. Trees play a silent yet larger role in the lives of all living beings than we acknowledge. A single tree can absorb 13 pounds of CO2 per year while emitting fresh oxygen that we need in order to survive. The role of reducing CO2 is vital on a global level. However, can trees keep up with our demand?

What is the real lifespan of LED fixtures?

What is the Real Lifespan of LED Fixtures?

As LED technology becomes more popular, everyone knows that LED lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifetime than traditional lighting. You might have come across lighting companies offering you LED fixtures promising that they last 360,000 hours. For example, one brochure that I came across stated, “Fixture life is up to 361,000 hours.” This is over 41 years of continuous operation!

Big Shine Energy's LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

On Monday, October 16, 2017, Big Shine Energy hosted its first LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region as it moves forward to expand its services to the Midwest. The groundbreaking event was hosted in partnership with Greater Louisville, Inc. and Duke Energy. John Launius, Economic Development Manager at Greater Louisville Inc. was excited to host us and welcome us to the Greater Louisville Region.

Big Shine Energy Sponsors YMCA of Metro North Where in the World Event

Big Shine Energy Sponsors YMCA’s Where in the World Event

Torigian Family YMCA, Peabody, MA – On September 23, 2017 Big Shine Energy participated in the YMCA of Metro North’s Where in the World Event as a Gold World Traveler Sponsor. The event gave 100% of its proceeds to help children and families in need. Regardless of any family’s financial circumstance, the YMCA of Metro North’s goal is to ensure that all kids in their community have access to quality child care, healthy activities, lifesaving aquatic lessons and educational programming.

Big Shine Energy - The Cost of LED: What's My ROI?

The Cost of LED: What’s My ROI?

This topic is very important and for good reason. When weighing the pros and cons of any major investment, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Any major renovation, upgrade or operational adjustment must have a return on investment. That’s just common sense. However, not everyone is aware of just how good of an ROI can come from switching to LED lighting. Take EIS Wire & Cable for example.

How Can LED Lighting Be Good for the Environment?

How Can LED Lighting Be Good for the Environment?

Welcome to the blog! In this post we want to talk about the impressive nature of LED lighting. There is so much innovation in LED technology today and Big Shine Energy is really excited about making sure you, the reader, are in the know.

Big Shine Energy - PSEG Long Island Prime Efficiency Partner

PSEG Prime Efficiency Partner: The Fast Track to Savings

Big Shine Energy is now a Prime Efficiency Partner in the Fast Track Program for PSEG Long Island. A Prime Efficiency Partner in the PSEG Long Island Commercial Efficiency Program (CEP) is a Lighting/HVAC/Energy Efficiency professional, installation contractor and distributor who is knowledgeable of PSEG Long Island standards and processes.

Big Shine Energy - NEISMA Show

Big Shine Energy Shows Ice Skating Managers the Benefits of LED at NEISMA Trade Show

Big Shine Energy attended the Northeast Ice Skating Managers Association (NEISMA) Conference and Trade Show for the first time on April 25th. Hosted at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, Massachusetts, the trade show featured an education for ice arena owners on how to better manage and care for arenas. As a NEISMA friend we support their efforts in influencing best practices in ice rink management.

Big Shine Energy - President Container Group

Big Shine Energy Honors President Container Group

Orange and Rockland Delivers Incentives With a Big Check! Energy conservation company Big Shine Energy retrofitted over 5,000 T5 tubes for President Container Group while securing 89,500 dollars in rebate incentives from Orange and Rockland. “One of the great supporting factors in this initiative was the help from Orange County Partnership”