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Solar Federal Tax Credit Decrease

Two Months Away From the Federal Solar Tax Credit Decrease Deadline

The Federal Solar Tax Credit Decrease is Right Around the Corner. We are now two months away from the Federal Solar Tax Credit decrease deadline — from 26% to 22%. If your company is looking to decrease monthly utility expenses through the installation of a Solar PV System, you have a short window to consider the investment before one of the biggest incentives from the Federal Government decreases.

Big Shine Energy SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference

SAAZ 2020 Honoring Top Energy Champions

This year’s SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference welcomed more than 100 participants ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to landmark local businesses. Big Shine selected 15 of its top energy savers and awarded them for their contribution to the Approaching Zero campaign—an effort to reach carbon neutrality by reducing energy usage in facilities through LED lighting conversion.

The Westin Jersey City Newport

Big Shine Energy’s Upcoming SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference

Big Shine Energy is proud to host the annual SAAZ 2020 Conference | A Perfect View into Sustainability at the Westin in Jersey City New Jersey. SAAZ—or Sustainability Awards #Approachingzero— brings together and recognizes local, national, and international corporations with like-minded goals to help cultivate a more sustainable environment through energy-efficient technology.

Big Shine Energy Participates in PSE&G Long Island’s Energize Long Island Conference

On October 3, 2019 Big Shine Energy participated in PSE&G Long Island’s Energize Long Island conference as a speaker, exhibitor and Bronze sponsor. With this triple- advantage, Big Shine reached a wide gamut of Long Island’s business owners, developers, building operators, energy-efficient to showcase the latest in energy-efficient LED lighting. Patrons enjoyed a full day of workshops, one-on-one expos, and networking.

National Grid Expediters

In August, National Grid selected Big Shine Energy as a Project Expediter (PEX) under its Energy Efficiency Program. The program consists of carefully selected and reliable contractors who offer turnkey energy-efficient solutions in National Grid’s territory. Under the PEX Program, Big Shine is designated as a main point of contact to guide customers to energy cost savings through these special offers.

Sustainability Today Symposium – Louisville, KY

The Sustainability Today symposium series came to Kentucky this month to bring together decision-makers, inspire action and foster environmentally sustainable practices. Participants learned about some of the latest energy-efficient equipment on the market and what opportunities exist for energy-efficient upgrades in their region.

Big Shine Energy energy sustainability today symposium in New York City

LED Conglomerate Big Shine Energy Hosts First of its Kind Symposium About Tackling NYC’s Building Emissions Law

On Thursday, July 18, 2019, international LED company Big Shine Energy hosted the Sustainability Today #BrilliantKnowLEDge Symposium at the Grand Hyatt New York. This event brought together experts in property management, building engineering, real estate and architecture to discuss New York City’s new ambitious building emissions law and the steps that the real estate industry can take to begin compliancy.

BSE Con Ed's New Energy Incentives

Con Ed’s New Energy Incentives – Act Now!

Across America we have been reeling from the strange and sometimes severe weather this year. An immediate consequence of the soaring temperatures this summer will be a spike in our electric bills as our air conditioners strain to keep up. It’s not often that anyone can help us cut any of our bills, but this time it’s different.

Big Shine Energy’s Sustainability Today Brilliant KnowLEDge Symposium

NYC Emissions Law is in full force. Now what? Big changes may sometimes be daunting, but necessary. This may be the case with New York City’s ambitious campaign to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. Buildings—both commercial and residential—represent 70 percent of this total. Over the next four years, property managers and building owners have to quickly take initial steps to meet compliance, but it may not all be too clear yet.

BSE Climate Change Could Cost Us Our Jobs

Climate Change Could Cost Us Our Jobs … and More

While studying engineering and science, we come to realize that our world is complicated. There is not always a gradual sequence of events. In fact, our world is highly interdependent and highly nonlinear. Once a complex system reaches a critical point, it can almost instantly become “divergent”. It’s important to understand this basic principle to keep us from becoming complacent about climate change.

Big Shine Energy Meets New York Build 2019

Big Shine Energy made its way to the Javits Center from March 12 to March 13 for the New York Build 2019 Expo. This expo is one of the largest construction and design shows catered to New York City and the tri-state area. Hall 1A was busy with exhibitors, attendees, and leaders in the construction industry.

2019 Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium Recap

Making the switch to more energy-efficient products and equipment in your facility not only helps you achieve energy and budget savings in your building, but it also allows you to have environmental peace of mind for making that sustainable decision. That is why Big Shine Energy is hosting the Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium at the Westin Grand Central Hotel in New York City on February 22, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.