UPCOMING EVENTS: Energy Management Symposium Series

Big Shine Energy Symposium in Dallas, Texasa

Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium Series

Big Shine Energy is hosting a series of energy management symposiums across multiple cities on the East Coast. These events aim to assist clients in achieving energy efficiency in your facilities through various measures including LED lighting and controls, HVAC and BMS, solar photovoltaic systems, and EV charging stations.

Each symposium will feature a different lineup of speakers, including local utilities, who will discuss available incentives and rebates in their respective areas. Additionally, our energy management team will be available to answer any questions you may have to get your energy projects off the ground.

Join us at a symposium near you to learn more about how you can optimize energy efficiency in your facilities and take advantage of available incentives, rebates, and tax credits to help offset the cost of your projects. 

New Jersey

For commercial buildings in New Jersey, PSE&G went over the lucrative incentive programs currently in place to help you upgrade your lighting and HVAC systems to become more efficient. Our team of solar professionals discussed the federal and state tax credits available for implementing a solar photovoltaic system on your site.

New York City

For large commercial buildings in New York City, our energy managers discussed the various building energy laws in place and how to comply with them to avoid fines. And Con Edison will walked through the multiple incentives available to help improve your energy efficiency, increase your publicly-displayed energy efficiency rating, and comply with Local Law 97.


For buildings in Connecticut, Eversource will also discuss available incentive programs and how to take advantage of them to implement your energy efficiency projects.

Maryland and Washington, D.C.

For buildings in Maryland and Washington, D.C., incentive professionals will review available incentives and rebates to help commercial and federal clients implement energy-efficiency projects.

Past Events

Just like in past events, attendees will have the opportunity to experience Big Shine Energy’s solar PV design process with live demos. They will also learn about Big Shine LED products and how they integrate with controls to improve energy management in facilities. They will also have the chance to discuss the logistics of project implementation with field electrical and HVAC experts. 

Overall, Big Shine Energy’s goal is to help bring energy efficiency projects to life. Check out some of our past energy management symposiums.

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