Empowering Businesses at the Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium hosted by Big Shine Energy

BSE Energy Independence and Resiliency Symposium Princeton NJ

The Westin in Princeton, NJ, was buzzing with energy as industry experts and professionals gathered for the highly anticipated Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium hosted by Big Shine Energy. This informative event delved into a range of important topics, from future-proofing energy projects to prioritizing workplace safety. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in enlightening table sessions covering various aspects of energy management. Among the highlights were discussions on power quality and the operation of commercial and industrial PV systems. Throughout the event, the underlying theme emphasized Big Shine Energy’s commitment to approaching zero – achieving zero emissions, zero waste, and zero barriers to sustainable energy solutions.

One of the key focuses of the Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium was on future-proofing energy projects. Experts shared insights on the importance of considering scalability and compatibility when implementing different systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), and Lighting Controls. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on how to optimize their energy projects to adapt and integrate seamlessly with evolving technologies and requirements. The discussions highlighted the significance of long-term planning and flexibility to ensure sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

The event also featured engaging table sessions that allowed participants to delve deeper into specific areas of interest. At the power quality table, attendees learned about the criticality of surge protection and power stability in maintaining efficient operations. Experts provided guidance on implementing effective power quality measures to safeguard equipment and ensure uninterrupted performance. Another compelling table session focused on commercial and industrial PV systems and shed light on monitoring the operation of energy storage systems with PV installations. Participants gained practical insights into maximizing the benefits of renewable energy systems while optimizing energy storage capabilities.

Amidst the informative sessions and table discussions, Big Shine Energy took the opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking “Approaching Zero” campaign. This initiative aims to address key sustainability challenges by pursuing zero emissions, zero waste, and removing barriers to sustainable energy solutions. The campaign highlights Big Shine Energy’s commitment to driving positive change and promoting a sustainable future for businesses.

The Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium organized by Big Shine Energy served as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation in the field of energy management. It brought together industry leaders, professionals, and experts to explore ways to enhance energy efficiency, embrace renewable solutions, and prioritize safety in the workplace. The event left attendees inspired and equipped with practical insights and solutions to implement within their own organizations.

Big Shine Energy continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing energy management practices and paving the way towards a sustainable and resilient future. With their “Approaching Zero” campaign and ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, Big Shine Energy is driving the transformation towards a greener and more efficient world. The Energy Independence & Resiliency Symposium served as a testament to their dedication and showcased the power of collaboration and shared knowledge in shaping a brighter energy future for businesses and communities alike.

If you missed it, you can RSVP to one of our upcoming Energy Management Symposium Series events this summer.

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