Energy Independence and Resiliency in Texas

Big Shine Energy Symposium in Dallas, Texasa

Big Shine Energy recently hosted its first energy management symposium of 2023 in Dallas, Texas, “Energy Independence and Resiliency in Texas.” This event brought together professionals and like-minded individuals in sustainability and energy efficiency to discuss ideas for making facilities more resilient and energy efficient. 


During the event, Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez explained how the company works with clients to solve their energy challenges by offering turnkey solutions in solar photovoltaic systems, electric vehicle charging stations, LED lighting, controls, HVAC, and building management systems. BSE’s senior accountant and CPA also discussed the financial incentives available to clients to help make their energy projects viable. 

Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez

Keynote speaker Sean White, the author of multiple books on solar photovoltaic systems, shared his insights on how to make PV systems work for businesses. Along with one o BSE’s senior directors, Sean provided industry tips and tricks to ensure that PV systems are built correctly, from the smallest components to the panels themselves.   

Sean White at Big Shine Energy Symposium in Dallas, Texas

To align with clients seeking ways to stay resilient, one of Big Shine Energy’s project directors and Lutron national sales lead Leslie Pope spoke about the benefits of LED lighting and controls. 

Leslie Pope Speaking at Big Shine Energy Symposium

Client Success Panel

The event also featured a client success panel where current Big Shine Energy clients shared their business cases for energy-efficient projects. They provided insight into how to bring various energy projects to life from a variety of perspectives. 

Jared Pendleton, director of technology and innovation at Hallway Feeds, spoke about being one of the first companies in Lexington, KY, to install a solar PV system. 

Martina Hepp, EHS capital project manager at Esteé Lauder, recounted her LED lighting project on her 1.2-million-square-foot facility. 

Daniel Allen, real estate development project manager at Holman Automotive, reflected on his almost two dozen projects with Big Shine over the years. 

The panel provided insight through a variety of lenses into how to bring various energy projects to life. 

Big Shine Energy Symposium in Dallas, Texasa

Hands-on Experience

Attendees had the opportunity to experience Big Shine Energy’s solar PV design process with live demos and life-size system components. They also learned about Big Shine LED products and how they integrate with Lutron controls to improve energy management in facilities. They even had a chance to discuss the logistics of project implementation with field electrical and HVAC experts. 

Overall, Big Shine Energy’s goal is to help bring energy efficiency projects to life. The symposium provided valuable insights and hands-on experience that can benefit anyone interested in sustainability and energy efficiency. If you’re looking to make your facility more energy efficient, consider working with Big Shine Energy to help achieve your goals. 

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