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Big Shine Energy Celebrates Harmon Inc.’s Sustainability Achievement at Its Glen Burnie Facility

Big Shine Energy partnered with Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) to congratulate Harmon Inc. on its efforts to improve sustainability at the company’s Glen Burnie facility. Harmon switched to energy-efficient LED lighting and received $27,540 in incentives from BGE’s energy efficiency program. Big Shine and BGE officials presented a ceremonial check to Harmon management at the company’s newly lit manufacturing center in Glen Burnie.

Benefits of Incentive Programs for Businesses

Many utility companies around the world employ incentive programs to encourage their customers to switch to more energy-efficient equipment in their homes and non-residential facilities. Though we live in a world of high-energy consumption, we are also in the age of innovation. Technology is at a place where sustainability has become the focus.

Big Shine Energy exhibits at WEEC

Big Shine Energy was one of more than 200 exhibitors at this year’s World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Charlotte, NC. Presented by the Association of Energy Engineers and hosted by Duke Energy, WEEC gave attendees an opportunity to learn about energy management products that can help facilities maximize energy savings while minimizing environmental impact in order to move towards a more energy-efficient future.

World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

Visit us at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

From October 17 to October 19, the team at Big Shine Energy will exhibit at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) presented by the Association of Energy Engineers and hosted by Duke Energy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Participants will gather to learn how their buildings and facilities directly impact the greater good. As the WEEC website describes, “the big picture” is made up of thousands of different pictures. Whether a school, a factory, or an office, each facility plays its role in energy efficiency, making the WEEC conference an excellent place to get started.

Big Shine Energy Sponsors Montclair's Red Hawk Open to Support Student Athletes

Big Shine Energy Sponsors Montclair’s Red Hawk Open to Support Student Athletes

Big Shine Energy supports Montclair State University (MSU) with more than just lighting. September 17, 2018 marks MSU’s 6th Annual Red Hawk Open. Students, parents, alumni, faculty, and the like come together to show their support for the university’s athletic department. Proceeds from the event benefit 18 varsity athletic programs with more than 500 student athletes.

Big Shine Energy: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Upgrading to LED Lighting

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading to LED Lighting

Are you still using fluorescents, metal halide or HPS lighting? If so, upgrading to state-of-the-art LED lighting is a great move to make! At Big Shine Energy, we want you to be delighted with your upgrade experience. As with every new technology, LED lighting has its own set of options and pitfalls, so we wanted to share this outline of common mistakes to avoid.

BSE Why We Don't Recommend Plug-and-Play Lighting

Why We Don’t Recommend Plug-and-Play LED Lighting

At Big Shine, our product line is carefully selected to provide solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities. If you check Big Shine LED’s website, you’ll find a wide variety of circular and linear high bay, low bay, flood, wall pack, panel, troffer, tube, high mast, explosion proof, and area lights. You will also find a limited selection of plug-and-play LED bulbs, but you’ll notice that these are not our primary products.

Top 10 Energy Tips and Giveaway Contest

Saving Energy Beyond the Retrofit – #100EnergyTips Contest

Big Shine Energy is all about #ApproachingZero carbon emissions. Although our favorite way to accomplish this task is through energy efficient LED lighting solutions, we wanted to do a little extra so that anyone can be a part of our mission, anywhere. Each step we take toward sustainability, no matter how small, brings us closer to zero. All it takes is a change of mindset. That’s why we started our daily #100EnergyTips campaign across our social media platforms.

Food Safety in Food Processing Plants

5 + 1 Ways to Maintain Food Safety in Food Processing Facilities

Our nation is very blessed to have both an ample and a generally safe food supply. We thank our food manufacturers and regulatory agencies for their devotion to this responsibility. To maintain our excellent track record, we need to constantly examine our food processing facilities and ensure that best practices are being used.

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Sports facilities are an extraordinary thing to be a part of. Management of a sports facility involves a great deal of effort and planning. Facilities that last the longest and give the most value are those that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. These factors must be considered by the facilities manager and their decisions must support them. A successful facility should have longevity without costing a huge amount of money to run.

Big Shine Energy is Awarded by Orange & Rockland for Completing the Largest Lighting Project

Big Shine Energy is Awarded by Orange & Rockland for Completing the Largest Lighting Project

In February of 2017, Big Shine Energy awarded President Container Group for reducing over 1 million kilowatt hours yearly, the equivalent to 2,391,753 pounds of CO2 emissions. Orange and Rockland also presented PCG with a rebate of $89,500 for completing the project. This year, Big Shine Energy has been awarded by Orange & Rockland for that same project which was a retrofit of PCG’s 522,000 sq. ft. facility in Middletown, NY.

3 Reasons to Be Cautious of a 10-year Warranty

Can you believe in 10-year warranties? If you look at the state-of-the-art components in LED lighting, you’ll learn that the driver is what will typically fails first. Inexpensive drivers might fail in two or three years or even less than that depending on building conditions like voltage fluctuations or adverse conditions.