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BSE Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit Services

As commercial and industrial property owners, you may have invested a significant amount of money in electrical equipment, including LED lights, to provide the best lighting solution for your business. However, have you considered whether your electrical system is delivering the power quality your equipment needs to operate at peak efficiency?

BSE Energy Audits and Local Laws

Local Laws and Energy Audits

As the world becomes more aware of the impact of climate change, governments around the world are enacting laws and regulations to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. At this time, cities in the United States, like New York, have implemented local energy efficiency laws.

Big Shine Energy Symposium in Dallas, Texasa

Energy Independence and Resiliency in Texas

Discover how BSE’s Energy Independence and Resiliency in Texas energy management symposium brought together professionals in sustainability and energy efficiency to exchange ideas on making facilities more resilient and energy-efficient.

Construction worker posing near forklift

Getting Grounded for Sustainability Success

When we walk into a commercial office building, shopping mall, hospital, campus center or industrial building, we take for granted that all of the building systems will be operating smoothly. This is the responsibility of operations directors, building managers, and facility engineers.

Federal Solar Tax Credit Decreases in 2021

The Federal Solar Tax Credit: 2021 Update

The U.S Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is a policy to incentivize clean energy projects. It was enacted in 2006 and as of 2021, the ITC is a 26% tax credit that can be claimed for residential and commercial solar projects. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the ITC has helped the U.S solar industry grow at an annual average of 52%.

Commercial solar panel array on a sunny day

Does Solar Energy Really Pay For Itself?

We hear a lot of hype today about Solar Energy. No doubt, it sounds attractive to get power from the sun – an energy source that almost every business and many homeowners can take advantage of, and it doesn’t require any fuel. However, the question we come to ask ourselves is: should we invest in this?

The Bridge to New Jersey's 2021 Incentives and Rebates

NJ Clean Energy Programs: 5 Questions You Might Have

Is the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) going away? Well, yes and no, to be exact. NJ incentive programs are transitioning. By the end of this article you’ll understand what we mean. What’s changing about the NJCEP? Here’s a quick breakdown about what’s staying and what’s going.

Commercial solar roof panels

Solar Panels: What You Should Know Before Installing

What you should know before installing a solar system? Big Shine Energy works with a variety of customers ranging from homeowners to large scale commercial businesses upgrading to solar energy. We understand that making an upgrade to a building or home can be intimidating for customers, so we decided to outline a few important things to consider before your upgrade.

LED Lighting and Healthy Eyes

What is safe and healthy for our eyes? Spending so much time indoors, we come to appreciate time outdoors when we can gaze into the beautiful blue sky. Is this hazardous to our eyes? Although the amount of light in the blue wavelengths is very high, the light is scattered in all directions.

Big Shine Energy shows the solar tax credit in 2020

5 Reasons You Should Adopt Solar

Solar PV System technology has been around since the 1950’s, but  there is no better time to adopt solar for commercial and residential properties than now. And here are the top 5 reasons why. 1. The Tax Credit is Decreasing From 26% To 22%.

Solar Federal Tax Credit Decrease

Two Months Away From the Federal Solar Tax Credit Decrease Deadline

The Federal Solar Tax Credit Decrease is Right Around the Corner. We are now two months away from the Federal Solar Tax Credit decrease deadline — from 26% to 22%. If your company is looking to decrease monthly utility expenses through the installation of a Solar PV System, you have a short window to consider the investment before one of the biggest incentives from the Federal Government decreases.

Big Shine Energy SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference

SAAZ 2020 Honoring Top Energy Champions

This year’s SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference welcomed more than 100 participants ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to landmark local businesses. Big Shine selected 15 of its top energy savers and awarded them for their contribution to the Approaching Zero campaign—an effort to reach carbon neutrality by reducing energy usage in facilities through LED lighting conversion.