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Do LED Lights Need Maintenance

Do LED Lights Need Maintenance?

LED fixtures are famous for long life. If properly maintained and supplied with the right environment and a clean power supply, the LED chips and

BSE Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit Services

As commercial and industrial property owners, you may have invested a significant amount of money in electrical equipment, including LED lights, to provide the best

LED Lighting and Healthy Eyes

What is safe and healthy for our eyes? Spending so much time indoors, we come to appreciate time outdoors when we can gaze into the beautiful blue sky. Is this

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Sustainable Management Sports facilities are an extraordinary thing to be a part of. Management of a sports facility involves a great deal of effort and

Big Shine Energy - The Cost of LED: What's My ROI?

The Cost of LED: What’s My ROI?

Let’s Talk About ROI This topic is very important and for good reason. When weighing the pros and cons of any major investment, it’s important