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Do LED Lights Need Maintenance

Do LED Lights Need Maintenance?

LED fixtures are famous for long life. If properly maintained and supplied with the right environment and a clean power supply, the LED chips and the electronic driver can last well beyond 50,000 hours. However, it is important to remember that if our building environment is changing, or if we allow unfavorable conditions to persist, the life of the fixtures can be drastically reduced.

BSE Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit Services

As commercial and industrial property owners, you may have invested a significant amount of money in electrical equipment, including LED lights, to provide the best lighting solution for your business. However, have you considered whether your electrical system is delivering the power quality your equipment needs to operate at peak efficiency?

LED Lighting and Healthy Eyes

What is safe and healthy for our eyes? Spending so much time indoors, we come to appreciate time outdoors when we can gaze into the beautiful blue sky. Is this hazardous to our eyes? Although the amount of light in the blue wavelengths is very high, the light is scattered in all directions.

Big Shine Energy: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Upgrading to LED Lighting

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading to LED Lighting

Are you still using fluorescents, metal halide or HPS lighting? If so, upgrading to state-of-the-art LED lighting is a great move to make! At Big Shine Energy, we want you to be delighted with your upgrade experience. As with every new technology, LED lighting has its own set of options and pitfalls, so we wanted to share this outline of common mistakes to avoid.

BSE Why We Don't Recommend Plug-and-Play Lighting

Why We Don’t Recommend Plug-and-Play LED Lighting

At Big Shine, our product line is carefully selected to provide solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities. If you check Big Shine LED’s website, you’ll find a wide variety of circular and linear high bay, low bay, flood, wall pack, panel, troffer, tube, high mast, explosion proof, and area lights. You will also find a limited selection of plug-and-play LED bulbs, but you’ll notice that these are not our primary products.

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Top 6 Mistakes in Sports Lighting

Sports facilities are an extraordinary thing to be a part of. Management of a sports facility involves a great deal of effort and planning. Facilities that last the longest and give the most value are those that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. These factors must be considered by the facilities manager and their decisions must support them. A successful facility should have longevity without costing a huge amount of money to run.

3 Reasons to Be Cautious of a 10-year Warranty

Can you believe in 10-year warranties? If you look at the state-of-the-art components in LED lighting, you’ll learn that the driver is what will typically fails first. Inexpensive drivers might fail in two or three years or even less than that depending on building conditions like voltage fluctuations or adverse conditions.

Top 3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Switch to LED

The light emitting diode (LED) is an amazing technology for lighting. It’s efficacy – the amount of light produced for each watt of power – is constantly reaching new heights. LED lighting is now available in an array of fixtures for almost every conceivable lighting need.

What is the real lifespan of LED fixtures?

What is the Real Lifespan of LED Fixtures?

As LED technology becomes more popular, everyone knows that LED lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifetime than traditional lighting. You might have come across lighting companies offering you LED fixtures promising that they last 360,000 hours. For example, one brochure that I came across stated, “Fixture life is up to 361,000 hours.” This is over 41 years of continuous operation!

Big Shine Energy's LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

On Monday, October 16, 2017, Big Shine Energy hosted its first LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region as it moves forward to expand its services to the Midwest. The groundbreaking event was hosted in partnership with Greater Louisville, Inc. and Duke Energy. John Launius, Economic Development Manager at Greater Louisville Inc. was excited to host us and welcome us to the Greater Louisville Region.

Big Shine Energy - The Cost of LED: What's My ROI?

The Cost of LED: What’s My ROI?

This topic is very important and for good reason. When weighing the pros and cons of any major investment, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Any major renovation, upgrade or operational adjustment must have a return on investment. That’s just common sense. However, not everyone is aware of just how good of an ROI can come from switching to LED lighting. Take EIS Wire & Cable for example.

How Can LED Lighting Be Good for the Environment?

How Can LED Lighting Be Good for the Environment?

Welcome to the blog! In this post we want to talk about the impressive nature of LED lighting. There is so much innovation in LED technology today and Big Shine Energy is really excited about making sure you, the reader, are in the know.