LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

Big Shine Energy's LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

On Monday, October 16, 2017, Big Shine Energy hosted its first LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region as it moves forward to expand its services to the Midwest. The groundbreaking event was hosted in partnership with Greater Louisville, Inc. and Duke Energy.

First, John Launius, Economic Development Manager at Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) was excited to host us and welcome us to the Greater Louisville Region. GLI’s mission is to foster economic development in the Louisville area. He looks forward to having companies such as Big Shine contribute to the growth of the region.

Our other guest speaker, Dan Simpson, is a Duke Energy Senior Trade Ally Outreach Representative. He explained the incentive program available to encourage the switch to energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial facilities.

Big Shine’s Product Transparency

Big Shine Chief Technology Officer August Kruesi delivered an education to a diverse audience of engineers, environmentalists, small business owners and manufacturing facilities managers. He explained the importance of choosing the right LED product and how to know whether companies are being truthful in their advertising.

Meanwhile, Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez explained why companies choose Big Shine as their LED supplier. Its because of product transparency, our top quality products, diverse variety of lighting for different industries and facilities, and, most importantly, our turnkey solution.

Another key point is that Big Shine provides top-notch customer service. We will work with you from the beginning, ensuring we design the perfect lighting system for your facility. We will provide you with a 3D photometric visualization model of your facility. Big Shine does all the background work with incentive program documentation, as well as project coordination. This ensures a smooth installation without you having to stop your business operations. And once the installation is completed, Big Shine will continue to work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

BSE LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

Why Choose Big Shine

Even though LEDs may look the same, not all LED lights are created equal. In addition, a long history of manufacturing incandescent light bulbs does not make a company fit for evolving to LEDs.

For decades, Big Shine has been at the forefront of LED technology, manufacturing LED lighting systems with state of the art LED chips and drivers. And now, Big Shine Energy is thrilled to help businesses in the Midwest make the switch to LED.

So whether you’re in Kentucky, Indiana, or Ohio, and were unable to make it to the LED Lighting Symposium, schedule a call with one of our energy consultants in your area today!

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