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2019 Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium Recap

In Business, News, Technology | March 6, 2019

On February 22, 2019, Big Shine Energy held its Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium in the heart of midtown Manhattan at The Westin New York Grand Central. This event brought industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies from the real estate, property management, energy, and sustainability markets in both the public and private sectors. Whether for industrial, architectural, commercial, institutional, outdoor facilities, there was something for everyone to take away at the LED lighting symposium.

The Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium created an interactive learning environment for property managers, realty managers, engineers, and the like.

Sustainability Ovation

Big Shine got its start as a pioneer in the world of semiconductor technology. Now, we are celebrating 30 years in business. The goal of the symposium was to pass our three decades of knowledge onto the ones who contribute to shaping and transforming New York City’s iconic skyline.

Guests enjoyed a video presentation of Big Shine Energy’s corporate responsibility and #ApproachingZero campaign.

The event opened with Big Shine’s corporate responsibility video embedded with customer testimonials. It displayed the accomplishments and goals Big Shine set through its #ApproachingZero campaign to eliminate the carbon footprint by supplying LED and HVAC upgrade services – saving 45 million kWh.

LED Quality, Con Edison Incentives in a Total Turnkey Solution

Big Shine LED CTO & VP and Big Shine Energy Executive Director enlightened the crowd on LED quality and Big Shine’s Turnkey Solution. Con Edison representatives spoke about the different programs and incentives opportunities.

Participants received the proper LED knowledge with keynotes from Big Shine Energy, Con Edison, and General Services Administration. Big Shine Energy’s CTO & VP August Kruesi spoke about his Thomas Edison legacy, tying it with the modern age of lighting and LED quality. Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez gave the audience insight into the company’s unique total turnkey solution that allows us to do all the LED lighting (including HVAC & control systems) upgrade work from beginning to end. Con Edison Business Development Manager Arman Hamamjian and Lighting Engineer Peter Jacobson enlightened everyone on Con Edison’s 2019 incentive program benefits and its impact in the lighting industry.

Live Demos and Consultations

There were several stations set up around the room where guests could get a complete, hands-on Big Shine experience.

Big Shine LED CTO & VP, August Kruesi walks visitors through live technical demonstrations of Big Shine LED linear luminaires.

The CTO Consultation booth, guided by Mr. Kruesi, was informative and displayed a wide variety of products. Kruesi took visitors on a trade show style expo journey of Big Shine LED fixtures inside and out. There were a variety of lights, including gimbal downlights, architectural linear luminaires, LED T6 tubes mounted into custom-built displays to show off the light output quality. Big Shine had its popular high performance, rotatable lens Sagitta X area light mounted on a custom-built light pole display.

The LED Lighting Consultation booth displayed Big Shine LED fixtures and educational materials like SAD, LED specs and driver comparisons.

Did you know that light and workers’ health have a close connection? Did you also know that Mr. Kruesi’s father played a role in enlightening the National Institute of Health of this relationship, which would come to be known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Onlookers got firsthand insight into this unique side of lighting through Mr. Kruesi’s anecdotal explanations of his unique legacy. They also got to learn about lighting controls and the real-life comparisons between the quality of Big Shine’s Strongheart driver and that of low-cost LED fixtures commonly seen in today’s market.

Total Turnkey Solution Experience

Attendees received practical hands-on experience of Big Shine LED lighting, public sector capabilities, photometric analysis, turnkey solution, and incentives.

Across the way was the photometric analysis booth with interactive photometric design demonstrations and case studies. Viewers got to see side-by-side comparisons on displayed case studies, showing Big Shine’s low margin of error when it comes to gauging and delivering accurate foot-candle results.

The Public Sector booth displayed Big Shine’s national and international government work and capabilities Visitors learned about Big Shine’s services beyond its Schedule 56 contract with GSA: ODM ability, direct warranty service, contracting and subcontracting services, supply continuity, and photometric analysis.

Valuable Experience

The Metropolitan LED Lighting Symposium was a great opportunity to explore the possibilities in energy savings with LED lighting in New York City and beyond. Guests experienced a plethora of LED and incentives education mixed inside of presentations, mingling, expos, consultations, and giveaways.

From one-on-one consultation with the CTO to interactive surveys and memorable swag, symposium guests walked with the proper tools to help them make informed decisions when switching to LED lighting.

At the Total Turnkey Solution station, Big Shine representatives walked guests through our services that encompass product design, facility audit, lighting layout, incentives application, installation service, and maintenance. Guests got to play with the auditing tools that our lighting specialists and consultants use on the field.

Con Edison representatives Arman and Peter walked attendees through incentives process for their individual properties and answered questions one-on-one with Con Edison customers of New York City. The Con Ed booth was a great way for guests to receive an in-depth understanding of their programs for energy-efficient equipment upgrade. 


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