Big Shine Energy Shows Ice Skating Managers the Benefits of LED at NEISMA Trade Show

Big Shine Energy - NEISMA Show

Big Shine Energy attended the Northeast Ice Skating Managers Association (NEISMA) Conference and Trade Show for the first time on April 25th. Hosted at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, Massachusetts, the trade show featured an education for ice arena owners on how to better manage and care for arenas. As a NEISMA friend we support their efforts in influencing best practices in ice rink management.

With traditional indirect metal halide lighting, ice rinks have shadowing, dark spots and a dim playing or performance surface. LED lighting delivers bright, crisp light that benefits the health of the players and performers. Shadowing and dark spots are also eliminated. A brighter playing surface brings a whole new energy and excitement to hockey games for players and spectators alike.

Another exciting aspect of LED lighting in ice arenas is the savings! What facility owner does not want to save on overhead? With LED lighting, there’s a domino effect of benefits. LED emits less heat which keeps the facility cooler allowing less energy to be used keeping the ice cool which saves money on the overall operation costs of the facility which gives owners more flexibility in season planning which increases the longevity of the facility’s operations. Did you catch all that?

To break it down, 75% less energy is used to power LED fixtures. Already, there’s a huge decrease in energy expenses. Additionally, the temperatures inside the ice rink are much cooler due to the cooler nature of LED fixtures. Another benefit- easy on, easy off. Metal halides have to “warm up”. LED turns on at full performance, which also makes programming for special effects during games much easier. Upgrading to LED lighting allows ice arena owners to see significant cost savings and gain a competitive edge.

We’re excited to help more ice arena owners get started in upgrading their facilities. Check out the Ice House to see the benefits of LED lighting in action. Over 100 attendees were at the NEISMA conference. It was our pleasure spending time with quality professionals who appreciate the value of energy conservation and innovative, sustainable technology in sporting facilities.

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