Big Shine Energy exhibits at WEEC

Big Shine Energy was one of more than 200 exhibitors at this year’s World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Charlotte, NC. Presented by the Association of Energy Engineers and hosted by Duke Energy, WEEC gave attendees an opportunity to learn about energy management products that can help facilities maximize energy savings while minimizing environmental impact in order to move towards a more energy-efficient future.

Why is Big Shine So Hot?

Big Shine Energy’s booth was bustling with visitors throughout the entire conference. We spoke with dozens of energy managers, auditors, and facilities managers who stopped by fascinated by the unique advantage of Big Shine Energy in the lighting industry. They engaged in diverse discussion with our Big Shine representatives to learn technical and general information about our engineered services. This advantage allows us to help facilities throughout the nation conserve more energy.

We offer customers a full turnkey solution from the lighting audit to the installation. But what most guests to our booth were attracted to was our ability to customize products according to the specific needs of a facility through our Big Shine LED manufacturing division—whether for educational facilities requiring specifically lower lighting levels or production facilities requiring higher lighting levels and fixtures capable of operating at high, very high, and sometimes fluctuating temperatures.

 While our ability to customize products is unique, we also believe in the importance of educating our customers, so they can be equipped with knowledge that sets them up for a successful project.

The M&V Workshop

Big Shine LED Chief Technology Officer August Kruesi led one of the workshops on “The Lighting M&V from FC to TM-30 and SVM”. His presentation posed two main questions: how do we convert the expanding dimensions and multiplicity of standards for lighting into practical guidelines? And, how does all this intrude into the classic energy measurement and verification process?

Big Shine Energy has always provided customers with the calculated energy savings resulting from lighting upgrades using LED luminaires and predicted post-installation lighting levels using the advanced Photometric software. However, the measurement and verification process also allows customers to have a more exact savings analysis post-installation.

As the number of facilities transitioning to LED continues to increase, Big Shine Energy continues to grow with the industry to offer customers the best solution as they make the switch to energy-efficient lighting.

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