Big Shine Energy is Awarded by Orange & Rockland for Completing the Largest Lighting Project

Big Shine Energy is Awarded by Orange & Rockland for Completing the Largest Lighting Project

In February of 2017, Big Shine Energy awarded President Container Group for reducing over 1 million kilowatt hours yearly, the equivalent to 2,391,753 pounds of CO2 emissions. Orange and Rockland also presented PCG with a rebate of $89,500 for completing the project.

This year, Big Shine Energy has been awarded by Orange & Rockland for that same project which was a retrofit of PCG’s 522,000 sq. ft. facility in Middletown, NY. The project is helping the facility to save an incredible amount of energy, the biggest topic of Orange & Rockland’s Contractor Recognition Awards.

Major Topics

The morning began with an appreciation breakfast for all guests attending the event. Major topics being discussed by the industry peers were the latest energy-efficiency opportunities and programs, existing and upcoming natural gas projects and what improvements can be made by Orange & Rockland.

Major Improvements

A helpful tool that has been released by O&R is their services website that allows residential users to purchase energy saving equipment and also provides education on how to become energy-efficient using best practices and more. It allows end users unique access to company products that they may not normally have available elsewhere.

Forward Thinking

Incentives for switching to natural gas from oil or propane were introduced along with simple requirements to qualify for free installations. There is also an improved portal and submission process for incentives that will help customers and contractors easily apply.

Jeremy Scott, Orange and Rockland’s Program Administrator for the Commercial and Industrial Programs, presented the awards and exciting news about incentives. When he asked the guests what improvements they wanted to see, unanimously, the improvement suggested was to give more incentives to switch to energy-saving equipment. However, as energy-efficient technology becomes the standard, in the future the challenge will be to save more MW with fewer incentives.

Thank you to Orange and Rockland for their hard work and dedication to providing services and education to contractors, companies and facilities in order to help conserve energy and create a brighter future.

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