Big Shine Energy Honors President Container Group

Big Shine Energy - President Container Group

Orange and Rockland Delivers Incentives With a Big Check!

Energy conservation company Big Shine Energy retrofitted over 5,000 T5 tubes for President Container Group while securing 89,500 dollars in rebate incentives from Orange and Rockland. “One of the great supporting factors in this initiative was the help from Orange County Partnership”, said Eduard Rodriguez, Executive Director at Big Shine Energy.

MIDDLETOWN, New York. – Two years ago, Big Shine Energy moved its headquarters to Orange County. Since then, they’ve helped companies along the east coast reduce their carbon emissions by switching to LED lighting. So what makes their project with President Container Group (PCG) so special? PCG is one of the largest corrugated packaging manufacturers. In what could be a potentially environmentally unfriendly industry, PCG’s commitment to producing sustainable packaging is what drew them to partner with Big Shine Energy. Choosing what’s clean, safe and protects the environment was important to PCG. Working with Big Shine Energy proved to be the right thing to do when making the switch to LED lighting.

LED lighting requires a substantially lower amount of energy to operate than any other lighting technology. Still, it produces a higher quality of light. Manufacturers like PCG are discovering that waste isn’t limited to what we put into our landfills. Light wastes energy. To meet increasing market demands and reduce the necessity to build more nuclear power plants, PCG understood it was imperative to make the change from traditional lighting to LED. Additionally, utility companies such as Orange and Rockland are providing monetary incentives to businesses and other institutions that make the change to LED lighting.

On Monday, February 27th, Richard Goldberg, Vice President of Operations at PCG, received a plaque from Big Shine Energy honoring the company for reducing over 1 million kilowatt hours yearly, the equivalent to 2,391,753 pounds of CO2 emissions. Orange and Rockland presented PCG with a rebate of 89,500 dollars. The project ROI for PCG is a low 1.1 years, something Big Shine Energy tries to achieve for their clients.

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