Visit us at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

Your Role in a More Sustainable Future

From October 17 to October 19, the team at Big Shine Energy will exhibit at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) presented by the Association of Energy Engineers and hosted by Duke Energy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Participants will gather to learn how their buildings and facilities directly impact the greater good. As the WEEC website describes, “the big picture” is made up of thousands of different pictures. Whether a school, a factory, or an office, each facility plays its role in energy efficiency, making the WEEC conference an excellent place to get started. As exhibitors, we’re excited for another opportunity to educate our audience and provide participants with the latest information on sustainable lighting solutions. Our manufacturers design with the long-term sustainability goals of our customers in mind, and we’re looking to bring that same connection to WEEC.

Our Chief Technology Officer, August Kruesi will be speaking at the conference on October 18 at 11 a.m. He’ll be focusing on the topic of the lighting M&V spectrum from foot-candles to TM-30 and SVM. Kruesi and lighting have quite the family connection. His great grandfather, John Kruesi, was the head machinist for Thomas Edison and worked on some of Edison’s most important inventions, including the electric light bulb. You won’t want to miss it! Participants in WEEC also receive credits toward professional licensing requirements or certifications.

How can Big Shine Energy Help?

Lighting is one of the leading causes of energy waste and overhead loss for facilities worldwide. However, the solution isn’t just a quick switch to any available LED product. Without carefully considering the testing, certifications, and specifications to guarantee the equipment installed will deliver long-term performance and energy savings, a lighting mistake could lead to wasted time and expenses down the road. Join us at WEEC to learn about the latest technology in lighting from Big Shine Energy and equip yourself with valuable knowledge on how to find the right energy solution for your facility.

Where to Find Us

The Big Shine Energy team will be in booth #709. Stop by for hands-on demos with some of our new products like Sagitta XHigh Mast, and Sky X. Talk to one of our lighting specialists face-to-face to learn about incentives in your area. Find out more about the WEEC expo and we’ll see you at the show!

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