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BSE Surge Protection for Sustainability Success

Surge Protection for Sustainability Success

We’re all familiar with the concept of Surge Protectors. Over the years, whenever we bought a new computer, we probably also got a new power strip to go with it. Wanting to make sure that we wouldn’t have a problem during an electrical storm, we bought a power strip that included a high Joule rating surge protection. Today, in the commercial space, we live in a world which has added a new and more comprehensive dimension to the application of electrical surge protection.

Construction worker posing near forklift

Getting Grounded for Sustainability Success

When we walk into a commercial office building, shopping mall, hospital, campus center or industrial building, we take for granted that all of the building systems will be operating smoothly. This is the responsibility of operations directors, building managers, and facility engineers.

LED Lighting and Healthy Eyes

What is safe and healthy for our eyes? Spending so much time indoors, we come to appreciate time outdoors when we can gaze into the beautiful blue sky. Is this hazardous to our eyes? Although the amount of light in the blue wavelengths is very high, the light is scattered in all directions.

Food Safety in Food Processing Plants

5 + 1 Ways to Maintain Food Safety in Food Processing Facilities

Our nation is very blessed to have both an ample and a generally safe food supply. We thank our food manufacturers and regulatory agencies for their devotion to this responsibility. To maintain our excellent track record, we need to constantly examine our food processing facilities and ensure that best practices are being used.