Big Shine Energy’s Sustainability Today Brilliant KnowLEDge Symposium

NYC Emissions Law is in full force. Now what?

Big changes may sometimes be daunting, but necessary. This may be the case with New York City’s ambitious campaign to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. Buildings—both commercial and residential—represent 70 percent of this total. Over the next four years, property managers and building owners have to quickly take initial steps to meet compliance, but it may not all be too clear yet. Therefore, Big Shine Energy is hosting the “Sustainability Today: Brilliant KnowLEDge Symposium” on Thursday, July 18, 2019, bringing experts in the field who will provide clear steps to take to be in compliance with the new law.

Buildings—not vehicles—account for nearly 70 percent of carbon emissions in New York City. The new law requires 50,000 NYC buildings over 25,000 square feet to reduce their carbon footprint 80 percent by 2050. Big Shine’s “Sustainability Now” series, shaken by the groundbreaking legislation, will serve as a platform to encourage consensus in producing a greener city and offset a segment of its emissions.

Action Through Interaction

The event program will comprise a variety of thought-provoking topics to inspire dialogue and ultimately promote action that will help reach compliance in New York City. Participants will get a chance to engage in a mixed panel discussion on New York City’s new emissions laws.. Speakers will convey his/her expertise around moderated and audience-produced questions.

Another part of the agenda is the speakers and interactive demos. Big Shine LED will debut a new product line that goes in tandem with Con Edison’s latest incentives for commercial buildings. Con Edison will speak about their latest increase in incentives, which will help offset the cost of converting to energy-efficient lighting.

Big Shine’s Executive Director will also engage the audience with an enlightening presentation about the #ApproachingZero campaign and how Big Shine Energy can help New York City reach 80 by 50.

See you at our Sustainability Today: Brilliant KnowLEDge symposium!

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