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SAAZ 2020 Honoring Top Energy Champions

In Business, Technology | February 25, 2020

This year’s SAAZ 2020 Global Leaders Conference welcomed more than 100 participants ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to landmark local businesses. Big Shine selected 15 of its top energy savers and awarded them for their contribution to the Approaching Zero campaign—an effort to reach carbon neutrality by reducing energy usage in facilities through LED lighting conversion. This year’s top awardees explained their targets in sustainability and the important role large corporations play in helping reduce our carbon footprint.

Starbucks Coffee Soluble Plant in Augusta, Georgia, came out as Big Shine’s top energy saver. The company’s representative and SAAZ award recipient encouraged all guests to read Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s letter on the company’s new sustainability commitment over the next ten years.  

Lithia Motors was also among the awardees, being named a 2020 Energy Champion.

“As a company, Lithia Motors is looking forward to continue reducing our carbon footprint,” said  Lithia Motors representative. “We are currently working on calculating our total company carbon footprint. This means we will be able to see energy consumption and GHG emissions for each of our locations. This will allow us to identify locations with higher impacts and take steps to lessen those impacts.”

Industry leaders in attendance, including Cox Enterprises, U.S. Green Building Council, TRC and ICF, acknowledged and supported the sustainability efforts of the awardees. The partnering organizations spoke at the conference giving participants insight into the steps that Fortune 500 companies and cities across the country are taking to lower their energy usage, decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, and raise awareness of the current state of our planet.

Big Shine launches new sustainable products

Big Shine Energy announced its new sustainable product line of Photovoltaic Panels (aka Solar Panels) at the annual SAAZ Global Leaders Conference. Big Shine displayed its new Monocrystalline panels reaching over 20% efficiency. Its much-anticipated release met the expectations of global stakeholders who have invested in the research and development of the new product line. To celebrate the new release, Big Shine engineers joined the SAAZ Conference from Virginia, New York, Seoul, South Korea and Shenzhen, China.

Big Shine Energy’s Mission

The mission of Big Shine Energy is to make a difference for the future generations by helping to reduce carbon emissions through LED, HVAC and renewable energy services. A true turnkey solution for partners offers trustworthy and professional service, improving business performance and quality of life by providing optimal lighting, efficient equipment and renewable energy.

Big Shine Energy’s Complete Turnkey Solution

Big Shine Energy has been taking immediate action to approach a carbon-neutral future by supplying energy-efficient LED lighting technologies, as well as advanced HVAC systems and maintenance, to begin reducing carbon emissions in high-output facilities. In 2019 Big Shine Energy reached 75,000,000 kWh reduced since the launch of the Approaching Zero campaign. Now with the launch of Photovoltaic Panels, Big Shine can provide customers with a complete turnkey solution. At the SAAZ Conference, Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez guided attendees through an extensive overview of services provided by Big Shine.

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