The Fast Track to Savings

Big Shine Energy - PSEG Long Island Prime Efficiency Partner

Big Shine Energy is now a Prime Efficiency Partner in the Fast Track Program for PSEG Long Island

A Prime Efficiency Partner in the PSEG Long Island Commercial Efficiency Program (CEP) is a Lighting/HVAC/Energy Efficiency professional, installation contractor and distributor who is knowledgeable of PSEG Long Island standards and processes.

Prime Efficiency Partners have undergone rigorous training and testing in order to qualify for the new program.

Big Shine Energy is now registered and qualified as a Prime Efficiency Partner. Now, it’s even easier for our current and future partners to be approved for rebate offers in the Fast Track program.

Fast Track is a component of the Commercial Efficiency Program. Designed to accelerate the lighting rebate process, it requires no pre-inspection or pre-approval. Big Shine Energy is fully qualified to participate in Fast Track in order to provide even faster, quality service to our partners.

We’re looking forward to putting you on the fast track to savings!

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