MatchPoint Tennis Complex – NY

Maintaining Success at MatchPoint Tennis

MatchPoint Tennis Complex has four indoor courts at their Goshen, NY location in Orange County. The facility was built to provide professional training for tennis players at every level. Families and individuals alike have found quality tennis play at MatchPoint for years. However, having a great reputation wasn’t the only focus for MatchPoint’s owner.  Equally important, energy efficiency and a healthy atmosphere were key factors in maintaining success.

Considering the Players

First, the facility’s lighting was dark and inefficient. Additionally, it housed 70 metal halides at 1,080W each. At an operation rate of 5,840 hours per year, MatchPoint was consuming 428,889kW annually. Conclusively, LED lighting was the solution for energy savings. Next, the challenge was properly lighting the courts while maintaining a comfortable level of brightness for the players.

After listening to the concerns of the owner, our Big Shine Energy Consultant was able to determine the best solution. The facility’s pitched roof offered enough height to install bright lighting without causing player discomfort from possible glare. 272 panels from Big Shine LED were installed. Furthermore, since LED lighting is perceived in the brain as natural light, the panels were designed to resemble skylights. Now, tennis enthusiasts can enjoy time on the court in next-to-natural lighting in any season due to the newly customized lighting layout.

Game. Set. Match.

Finally, MatchPoint reduced its energy use from lighting to an annual 139,225 kWh after installing Big Shine LED panels. Furthermore, MatchPoint was eligible for the Orange & Rockland Utilities incentive program by investing in energy efficiency through custom LED lighting from Big Shine Energy. As a result, MatchPoint received $18,700 to help pay for their project. This simple, sustainable investment will benefit the facility while benefitting the environment. Now, MatchPoint is participating in the movement of approaching zero carbon emissions together with Big Shine Energy.