Linco Printing, Inc. – NY

Linco Printing has been providing printing services to New York City locals since 1975. In the center of a flourishing art community such as Long Island City, Linco is a trusted printing source in the art, music, film and photography world. Vivid colors and intricate print designs are brought to life with the proper lighting, switching to LED lighting was just the solution. For the past several years, Linco has been lighting their space with almost 100 T12 Fluorescent tubes ranging between 160 – 300W each, needless to say – it was time for a change. By making the switch to Big Shine’s 70W LED panels, they’re now reducing their energy consumption by an incredible 134,185 kW a year. This will allow the reputable printing company to save over $167,000 over the next 10 years, in lighting alone.