21 Golf Driving Range – NJ

21 Golf is one of the Top 50 Stand-Alone Golf Ranges in the United States according to the Golf Ranges Association of America. When a lighting upgrade was required, they chose Big Shine Energy for the project. One key requirement was for the light to reach the 250-yard line in order for their customers to see their shots through the full course. Big Shine Energy had just the solution. Using Big Shine LED’s 500W Satellite HD fixture, Big Shine Energy was not only able to reach the end of the range but also keep the light within the property due to the low beam angle offered by the fixture. This DLC Premium 500W LED fixture reduced Golf 21’s energy consumption by 67%.

This dramatic decrease in energy puts Golf 21 in line with Big Shine Energy’s climate goal to reduce carbon emissions. Golf 21 is now not only a brighter and more comfortable golf range for customers, but also a more energy conscious facility.