National Grid Expediters

In August, National Grid selected Big Shine Energy as a Project Expediter (PEX) under its Energy Efficiency Program. The program consists of carefully selected and reliable contractors who offer turnkey energy-efficient solutions in National Grid’s territory.

Under the PEX Program, Big Shine is designated as a main point of contact to guide customers to energy cost savings through these special offers:

  • 0% Financing on Qualified Measures
  • Incentives of Up to 50% of Project Cost
  • Complimentary Energy Audits
  • Complete Turnkey Solution
  • Photometric Analysis

In 2017, Project Expediters helped 965 customers save 87.7 million annual kWhs and 692 thousand therms, reducing customers’ energy costs by more than $12.1 million annually.

In addition to these cost savings, National Grid’s Project Expediters processed $28 million in financial incentives for purchased and installed energy-efficient equipment. Big Shine Energy is proud to be part of this exclusive opportunity to support New York businesses on energy-efficient upgrades.

Orange and Rockland Small Business Direct Install Participating Contractor

Orange and Rockland also selected Big Shine Energy, as a contractor for their Small Business Program. Orange and Rockland upgraded and redesigned the Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) program to meet the growing needs of its customers. Big Shine’s participation in the SBDI program means that customers have trusted personnel to perform complimentary energy audits.

Big Shine Energy is proud to offer support to help local New York state small businesses cut costs on their lighting and HVAC equipment. As a specialized contractor for SBDI incentive program, Big Shine Energy can process incentives. Incentives can cover up to 70% of an energy-efficient upgrade, and result in 0% financing for the project. Big Shine understands the needs of New York’s small business owners. Big Shine works with them every step of the way by helping cut utility costs and receive hassle-free warranty on equipment and labor.

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BSE Maximizing Returns: Investing in PV Projects vs. Wall Street

Maximizing Returns: Investing in PV Projects vs. Wall Street

In today’s rapidly changing world, investing wisely is crucial for corporations seeking long-term profitability and sustainability. While Wall Street investments have traditionally been the go-to option, the landscape is shifting towards alternative avenues that offer higher returns and environmental benefits. One such avenue is investing in Photovoltaic (PV) projects.

BSE PV Module Cleaning Recommendations

PV Module Cleaning Recommendations

NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, recommends regular cleaning of solar panels to maintain their optimal performance. The frequency of PV module cleaning depends on various factors, including the specific region where the panels are installed. In areas with high levels of dust, pollen, or other debris, more frequent cleaning may be necessary compared to regions with cleaner air.

BSE Empowering Businesses with Incentives and PSEG Long Island Rebate for Energy Efficiency

Empowering Businesses with Incentives and Rebates for Energy Efficiency

Incentives and rebates play a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency for businesses. At Big Shine Energy, we empower organizations to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. Businesses can take advantage of the currently offered PSEG Long Island rebate programs.