Lighting Research Center Continued Education

At the Lighting Research Center, Big Shine Energy received a certificate of recognition for successfully completing the course of study in the LED Lighting Institute between June 7-9, 2016. Big Shine Energy is dedicated to continued education to stay updated with the latest technologies in LED Lighting. Participating in the Lighting Research Center education program is an extension of our continued effort to understand lighting beyond a fixture. The course covered a wide range of topics from advanced lighting properties to understanding the effects of light on the human psyche. Courses also covered differences in LED brands and manufacturing processes which explained the importance in understanding that while different brands may seem to have better LED lighting fixtures, it may not necessarily reflect on the quality of LED chips they use.

Jean Paul Freyssinier, M.S. explains the method for measuring light data.

Attendants were also tested on the assembly of an LED light fixture which allowed Big Shine Energy participants to reinforce their knowledge from previous education within the Big Shine LED manufacturing division. Based on an expected lighting outcome, students were required to choose from various LED chips, drivers and heat sink options. As a team they needed to complete the lighting fixture, including wiring, which were later to be tested for performance and functionality. The training was extensive in various lighting applications and helped for Big Shine Energy’s lighting consultants to better server clients with more educated decisions when providing lighting audits.

The education was conducted by various lighting professionals including Jean Paul Freyssinier, M.S, Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor whose experience ranges from lighting design and evaluation, control systems and energy management for various high-end commercial and residential applications. Each instructor had a vast amount of knowledge in lighting adding to the course in-depth understanding of the importance of lighting spaces appropriately as well as providing the best lighting fixture for each application.

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