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LED Lighting Case Study |

Wrobel Engineering – MA

Wrobel Engineering is Promoting Productivity

The offices at Wrobel Engineering housed fluorescent fixtures that gave off a dim, yellow light. Fluorescents used to be known for their energy efficiency. They’re now proving to have high maintenance costs. They also produce a constant flicker that can be invisible to the naked eye and highly disruptive to brainwaves. LED lighting in offices is important for productivity. With the right color temperature and brightness, the brain registers LED light as daylight. That’s why Edward Wrobel, the owner of Wrobel Engineering was already looking into making the switch from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED. He was aware of the health benefits as well as the energy-saving benefits of LED. Being a family-owned business, Wrobel Engineering considers the health and well-being of its employees. LED lighting from Big Shine Energy could provide Wrobel Engineering employees with a brighter, more positive working atmosphere.


Big Shine Energy - Wrobel Engineering

Bringing Bright Lighting Indoors

While Mr. Wrobel was in the process of finding the right company for the upgrade, a competitor proposed simply switching the current fluorescent tubes to LED. When doing a simple one-for-one replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, there may be pre-existing faults in the fixture, sometimes due to its age. The ballast in the fixture can push too much power into the LED tubes causing them to burn out. Eventually, the cost of maintenance would exceed the upfront cost of a full upgrade. With this insight, our Big Shine Energy Consultant proposed our 2×4 and 2×2 LED Panels. The panels are designed to provide lighting that feels like natural daylight. For the office, this is a great feature. Our brain registers the light as sunlight and we feel more energized and awake. Our installers replaced all of the old fluorescent fixtures with almost 200 LED Panels. The final look was clean, impressive lighting.



Saving is Simple With the Right Team

At night, the Wrobel Engineering facility is brightly lit with our Alioth Wall Packs that promote safety and security. Around the clock, the Wrobel Engineering family is now enjoying an even more positive work environment. Also helping to make this project possible, National Grid provided about $30,000 in rebate incentives. Major lighting upgrades like this one can be easy with Big Shine Energy’s Turnkey Solution Approach. We can help you with every aspect of your project, finding you the best lighting solutions. Take a look below at what Wrobel Engineering’s lighting upgrade is doing for the environment. Get in touch with us to find out what Big Shine Energy can do for your company.

Big Shine Energy - Wrobel Engineering

Vice President of Operations Ed Wrobel poses with Green Certificate recognizing participation in Big Shine Energy’s Approaching Zero (Carbon Emissions) campaign.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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