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Staying Ahead of the Curve

Big Shine Energy creates the ideal lighting conditions for sports facilities across the nation. Recently, the tennis leader of the Hudson Valley, Sportsplex has upgraded their lighting with Big Shine LED fixtures. As the sports club industry continues to shift, Sportsplex is continually improving to provide a better experience for their customers. Managing partners Mark Savage and Jason Stokes decided to switch to state-of-the-art LED lighting from Big Shine Energy.

Previously, Sportsplex was using metal halide fixtures with wattages ranging from a low 458 watts to an outrageous 1080 watts. When asked about their motivation to make the switch, Mr. Savage replied, “LED says future. It says bright. It says clean energy. It says updated, state-of-the-art.” Of course the aesthetic advantage of LEDs was an incentive to upgrade, but the savings aspect was another key benefit. By switching to low-energy, low-maintenance LEDs the facility would be able to see a difference in energy savings almost immediately.

“We had to go there. And to secure our business financially, I think the savings on that other end was big.” Savage explained that switching to energy-efficient lighting made sense economically as much as cosmetically.

Detail Oriented

A lighting consultant provided a detailed proposal that made it easy for Savage and Stokes to see the broad scale of savings benefits. The photometric analysis portion also made it easy to visualize the difference in light quality. After the installation, the facility would see more than $36,000 in savings after the first year. Conclusively, the ROI was kept under one year for this project.

Brighter Lights, Brighter Future

Now, when you visit the Sportsplex facility in New Windsor, New York, you’ll see Big Shine LED TK1 high bays hanging proudly. Check out the testimonial video about the Sportsplex project. You can also see the major environmental benefits of this LED upgrade below. Sportsplex is now part of the rapidly growing movement toward Approaching Zero carbon emissions.

Thanks to Sportsplex for the opportunity to provide another facility with energy efficient lighting. Big Shine Energy is a turnkey solution provider that offers care and consideration from beginning to end. Once a Big Shine customer, always a Big Shine customer. Call us to find out how we can help your facility save energy for a brighter future.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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