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LED Lighting Case Study |

Slone Automotive – IN

Not Every Project is the Same

There are many cases with a similar story. An owner of a facility needs a lighting solution, hasn’t found the right product, but really needs to make the switch in order to save on overhead because the cost of lighting is out of hand. The story itself is common. So, we make it our mission to be the solution to all cases. Each one, while similar, takes customization and consideration. Our turnkey solution provides that customized service to meet the needs of our individual clients. There isn’t a blanket solution for all lighting projects. At Slone Automotive, although their story was like the common case, we listened to our customer, found out what was needed, and tailored the solution that was right for his facility 

Finding Out the Problem 

When we met Don Slone, the owner of Slone Automotive, he had been waiting for another lighting company to provide information on a lighting solution. Although he was waiting for the company, they delayed in giving him the information necessary. While it’s important not to rush through the investment of a lighting upgrade, it’s also important to help customers take steps to move forward at a pace that’s beneficial for energy savings. Our Big Shine Energy consultant discussed the needs of the facility with Mr. Slone, not leaving out a single detail.

The main issue was that the pre-existing parking lot lighting was such a high expense for such little return. The lighting wasn’t bright, but it was still using a ton of energy, costing the company a great deal in utility expenses. Additionally, some lights were burnt out, but the cost of maintenance wasn’t worth the repair. Some lights on the outer perimeters of the lot were spilling outside of the parking areas, so the lighting was being wasted on areas that didn’t need lighting.

Delivering the Solution 

After discussing the needs of the parking lot, our Big Shine Energy lighting specialists created a photometric analysis so that Mr. Slone could see how the lights would be positioned, what the beam angles would cover, and their brightness levels. The photometric layout is part of our turnkey service. Another important aspect of the solution is the savings. We took care of the incentive research, paperwork, and filing so Mr. Slone wouldn’t have to. Duke Energy, the incentive company in Clarksville, Indiana provided the Slone Automotive project more than $16,000 in incentives.  

We installed our Big Shine LED Polaris Ultra in 300W and 5700K in the parking lot, using bullhorn mountings, giving the lot even lighting coverage.  

Now Mr. Slone’s parking lot lighting will save the company more than $90,000 over the next five years. Slone Automotive will continue to see savings on their lighting utility bill with energy efficient LED lighting. Check out their environmental impact below. Slone Automotive is now working together with Big Shine Energy to reduce carbon emissions down to zero through our #ApproachingZero campaign.  

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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