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LED Lighting Case Study |

Rallye Motors – NY

High Quality Lighting for a High End Brand

Exterior lighting is an important element for a car dealership. For Rallye Motors, they felt that the outdoor show area as well as the parking lot was under lit. It didn’t provide the right quality of light needed to showcase their high-end vehicles. Rally Motors is Long Island’s only authorized Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, Metris and smart car dealership with over 55 years of experience. A beautiful display of vehicles is part of their luxury car-buying experience. Safety is also a key concern for car dealerships. Bright outdoor lighting promotes safety and security. Without the proper outdoor lighting, dealerships lack in showcase quality and security.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

For Rallye Motors’ Parts Director Tony Wigdzinski, LED lighting was a clear solution to these major concerns. Big Shine Energy was able to provide the best lighting solution through photometric analysis. The analysis clearly interprets the quality of light produced by each fixture. LED provides brighter light with lower wattage. In traditional light fixtures, the light that escapes from a bulb is absorbed inside the fixture before it is able to reach its intended target area. To compensate for the loss of light, bulbs with higher wattages are used. Big Shine Energy LED lighting eliminates this inefficiency.

We installed the Polaris Ultra area light in 150W and Alioth Ultra wall packs in 60W. Our area light and wall pack fixtures offer high CRI (color rendering index) lighting. CRI levels play a key role in revealing the color of objects faithfully in comparison to traditional or natural light. High CRI LEDs are ideal for car dealerships where energy savings and quality of light are necessary.

All-Around Savings

Rallye Motors was equally concerned about energy conservation. By upgrading to LED, they are now saving 55,902 kWh yearly. With annual savings of $13,385.62, not only are they saving on energy costs, but also maintenance costs. LEDs are virtually maintenance free and outlast the lifespan of traditional lighting.

Now, Rallye Motors is participating in the movement toward Approaching Zero carbon emissions along with Big Shine Energy. For 55 years they have been providing excellent service to customers throughout Long Island; now they are providing a global service by conserving energy with LED lighting and reducing their carbon emissions. Reach out to us to find out how Big Shine Energy can help your company save energy and save our environment.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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