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President Container Group – NY

Celebrating President Container Group

President Container Group (PCG) is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated boxes in North America. It produces in excess of 2.2 billion square feet of corrugated products each year. Already on their journey to going green, they’re using solar panels as a source of energy. In continuance with their commitment to energy conservation, the leading manufacturer was celebrated recently for their partnership with Big Shine Energy.

Ready to Help

A recommendation from Orange County Partnership helped us to connect with PCG. We were commissioned to install LED lighting in their Middletown location after learning more about their concerns and goals for energy conservation as well as overhead savings. Since PCG’s Middletown facility was already looking at options for energy savings, they had an idea of the benefits LED lighting could offer.

The facility is a 522,000 sq. ft. building with 300+ employees. Safety was a top priority for PCG. A foot-candle increase would allow for a brighter work environment, increasing safety and productivity. By installing Big Shine LED T5 tubes, the facility saw a 15 fc increase.

Newsworthy Results

PCG’s Vice President, Richard Goldberg said, “Big Shine did a fantastic job from the initial scoping exercise [energy audit] through the massive undertaking of installing over 6000 LED tubes & fixtures in our manufacturing facility. This furthers our commitment to the environment as an adjunct to our solar generation system. We are pleased to work with Big Shine and look forward to other opportunities in the future as technology becomes available.”

On Monday, February 27th, Mr. Goldberg received a plaque from Big Shine Energy honoring the company for reducing over 1 million kilowatt hours yearly, the equivalent to 2,391,753 pounds of CO2 emissions. Orange and Rockland presented PCG with a rebate of $89,500. The project ROI for PCG is a low 1.1 years. We are proud to partner with companies like President Container Group who share the same enthusiasm for energy conservation.

Big Shine Energy - President Container Group

Big Shine Energy honors President Container Group with a plaque for reducing CO2 emissions, and Orange and Rockland delivers $89,500 of incentives with a large check. Read the full article here.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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