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LED Lighting Case Study |

Plastic Products of the South – SC

Upgrading to Efficiency

Plastic Products of the South (PPS) is a contract manufacturer in the custom molding industry offering services beyond molding, from trimming to finishing, assembly, kit and warehouse needs. With over 30 years of experience they have been proudly serving the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and the southeast.

Bob Hill, President of PPS wanted to upgrade the lighting throughout the entire plant. With operations running twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, the efforts to replace burnt out lighting at PPS were continuous. Mr. Hill understood that using energy efficient lighting would help cut maintenance costs significantly.

In addition to the concern of cutting costs, all 70,000 square feet of the facility housed 400W metal halides and failing T8 fluorescent tubes. Having such low lighting caused safety concerns for PPS employees. With the machinery required for blow molding, IES recommends having at least 50 foot-candles to accomplish work efficiently and safely. Recognizing that with only 20 foot-candles, a change had to be made. Big Shine Energy was welcomed to help find the right solution.

Brightening Up With Better Quality Lighting

With the Luna 150 watt high bay and the Oriya 150 watt linear high bay, foot-candle levels would increase to surpass IES recommendations. Additionally, maintenance would be eliminated for the next five years. Overall, the project would achieve an estimated annual savings total of $50,000.

Savings for the South

When time came to apply for incentives, Mr. Hill was impressed with Big Shine’s effort to help gain the maximum rebates toward his project. With an expectation of only $13,000, Big Shine pushed to make the corrections needed to gain nearly $17,000 through SCE&G (South Carolina Electric and Gas).

Mr. Hill and everyone at Plastic Products of the South are now participating in the Big Shine Energy movement toward Approaching Zero Carbon emissions. By switching to LED lighting, they are now saving more 363,000 kilowatt hours a year. The benefits of LED lighting are clear. Contact your Big Shine Energy consultant to find out how your company can benefit too.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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