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LED Lighting Case Study |

Oak Lane Tennis Club – CT

Ready for a Challenge

Big Shine Energy - Oak Lane Tennis Club Tennis players and coaches alike appreciate great lighting over their courts. Even the natural sunlight can have an impact on a player’s performance in an outdoor match. The right lighting over an indoor court can be a tough challenge for club owners. Brian Inglis, majority owner of Oak Lane Tennis Club had been looking for the perfect lighting for years. LED had his attention, but he had not yet found a product with technology that was mature or specifically engineered to perform in tennis bubbles. Our Big Shine Energy consultant was ready to face the challenge of proving that we had the perfect lighting solution for Oak Lane Tennis Club.

Metal Halides are the common light source of indoor courts and sports facilities. Oak Lane previously housed 39 metal halides, each burning at 1085 watts. The 40th fixture housed an LED corn bulb trying desperately to perform amongst its power-hungry peers. The message was clear, Oak Lane needed to see energy savings along with a significant improvement in lighting quality. Lighting competitors were suggesting industrial high bays with wattages almost equal to what the facility lights were currently running at the time. Additionally, the club faced a time restraint with the incentive offers available to them. Our consultant worked diligently alongside our internal operations team to get Oak Lane in the game quickly.


Passing the Test

Instead of using a high-watt industrial high bay, we opted to replace each of the 40 fixtures with our Satellite HD at 300 watts. The 100 degree beam angle and 5,000k color temperature helped the indoor facility to emulate the outdoor playing experience. Additionally, Satellite HD is rated DLC Premium, a qualification necessary for rebate approval. Initially the rebate approval estimate was $18,611. With help from the United Illuminating Company, 5% more was procured, totaling a $20,632 return. By testing our fixture in real-life conditions, categorically comparing cut sheets and thoroughly examining company details, the owners at Oak Lane were confident in choosing Big Shine Energy.


Co-owner of the Tennis Club of Hastings, Shawn Dyer was also in the process of switching to Big Shine LED fixtures. Mr. Dyer co-owns the club with Mr. Inglis and encouraged his long-time business partner in the decision for Oak Lane by saying, “Big Shine doesn’t play.” A fair remark as Big Shine Energy does take every project very seriously, leaving the playing to the tennis pros.

Competitors who proposed LED fixtures couldn’t match the level of ability our lighting technology has to offer. While they may have been able to offer low wattage, their fixtures were 5-15 pounds heavier than ours. Weighing options is important, we understand that, but safety is also important. Any fixture hanging over courts of athletes should be carefully analyzed for safety and security. That is why we continue to push boundaries in our technology, engineering and service. Our installers completed the project with proficiency in one day. We want to uphold our promise to provide the best in both LED lighting and customer service.


Smart Ownership, Smart Choice

Oak Lane Tennis Club will see an annual savings of $21,906 by cutting back 109,649 kWh. They’re seeing this amount of savings with Big Shine LED fixtures just by switching the lighting over four indoor tennis courts. Now, they’re not only saving energy for the club alone, but for the environment. Check out how they’re participating in our movement toward Approaching Zero carbon emissions below. We’re proud to work with Oak Lane Tennis Club and we’re excited about the positive impact they’ll have on the environment for this and future generations. Are you ready to switch to a sustainable lighting solution that will increase your overhead savings? Contact us at our headquarters or schedule an appointment with your Big Shine Energy consultant.

Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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