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Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness – ME

Maine Pines Introduces LED Lighting

Known for being one the Nation’s Top 50 Tennis Welcome Centers, Maine Pines has been serving the Brunswick community since 1974. It’s current owner, Rob Manter purchased the tennis facility in 1998. Since then, it has become a full service tennis and fitness club, helping families and individuals create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When Manter began making improvements to the facility, he realized that the existing lighting in the tennis center was fading fast. At the same time, the lighting was draining much of the electrical energy. This posed a problem for the players and the facility itself.

Research by Manter concluded that LED lighting was the solution. However, choosing the right company for the job was the new challenge. When our Big Shine Energy Consultant was referred to Maine Pines, Manter presented him with several lists of questions. Our consultant was able to answer every question, while finding the best solution for the needs of the facility.

Bright Lighting for a Positive Environment

What the facility needed was brighter lighting on the courts that wasn’t intrusive for the players. Additionally, the rest of the facility space needed consistent and clear lighting. The facility features a 6 court tennis center, workout and spin rooms, pro shop, lobby and lounge areas and locker rooms. Peak hours could become quite hectic at the facility and installing all new lighting throughout the building without interrupting operating hours was important. Since Big Shine Energy is a turnkey solution provider, our installation team worked around the facility schedule to get the job done right. Now, Maine Pines’ new lighting matches the already positive environment created by Manter and his staff.

Working Together

The tennis court is using the TK1 300W fixture from Big Shine LED, saving their facility 102,144 kWh per year. The facility is also using Big Shine LED panels to light all other areas of the building. Through this lighting upgrade, they are seeing a $74,000 savings over a 5-year period. Our Energy Consultant also managed the lighting rebate process for additional savings by working together with the state’s funding program Efficiency Maine. Proudly, Maine Pines Racquet and Fitness Club is now participating in the environmental movement with Big Shine Energy. Together, we made it one step closer to approaching zero.



Environmental Impact









*Values indicate the equivalent environmental impact of the kWh reduction achieved.

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